Cricket Club Fundraising Purley Reading Berks

Event Date: 5 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Purley Sports & Social Club, Purley on Thames, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cricket club fund raiser

Notes: An 8 race snail racing event in a U film category with personalised race and snail names and sponsors names added. Should be a fun night in the Purley Sports and Social Club. Update 100 turned out for the event for a great fun night which raised £500.

Testimonial: "Good fun!" Barry Carter

Total Raised: £500

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Goosecroft Gallop: Marrakesh Marvel, Doggers Dynamo, All-round Sober, Brilliant Brian, Boro Boy, Speedy Nitter, My Boy, Postie
Race No.2 - Potters Pursuit: The Return of ElFato, Nemesis, Slug, Mr Brown, Bill Oddie, Baggy Blue, We're Going Up, Sheldon
Race No.3 - Root Race: Promotion Chaser, Good Old Boy, Malinga, The Snapper, Gazza, 65 not out, The Rocket, Ahhhhh B
Race No.4 - Treasurers Trot: Gary, Treacle's Claw, Mr Polo, Gautham Kohli, Cupcake Queen, Luis Suarez, The Singerman, Safe Hands
Race No.5 - Fosters Top Furlong: Sheltered Accm, Hammertime, Ghana Black Stars, Speedster, Gonzo, ARG, Longevity, Mini Murtle
Race No.6 - Scoop Scramble: I Can Go Faster, Jellyleggins, Barbara, Chouds, The Flying Swan, Bad-Minton Nev, Little Miss Shelley, Don't Eat Me
Race No.7 - Shrub Derby: Welcome to Channel 5, Fantastic!, Kennett Shot, I Wish I Was a Slug, Gareth Snail, United Will Be Back, The Painter, Dyson
Race No.8 - Don't Make Ya a Bad Boy Classi: Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail, Auction Snail
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Maryland Enterprises: Rebecca Allen, Dan Barclay, Patrick Gee, Paul Strange, Sean Poulter, Win Povey, Simon Wilson, George Wheeler
Race No.2 - The Allen's: Daniel Airey, Shirley Gee, Alex Duggan, George Wheeler, Alex Clough, Jeff Hinds, Barry Carter, Gordon Mackinnon
Race No.3 - Purley on Thames CC: James Measham, Patrick Allen, Nufail, Vikki Andrews, Sophie Duggan, Sue Nash, Bradley Farmery, Paul Reber
Race No.4 - Barry Carter: Callani&Sam Haywood, Julia Barclay, Kathleen Allen, Gautham Kamath, Amy Jane Winder, Pete Rackley, Paul Tomkins, J Swire-Thompson
Race No.5 - Oakfield: Paul Strange, Phillippa Allen, Nick Fifield, James Measham, Jordan Green, The Clarke Family, Jeff Hinds, Kim Farmery
Race No.6 - Purley Sports & Social Club: Chris Allen, Gerry Duggan, George Wheeler, Sumran Choudhry, Carole Hanlon, Paul Reber, Cherish April, David Peddle
Race No.7 - Tabbie Industries: Gary Andrews, Barry Carter, Wendy Poulter, David Peddle, Patrick Allen, Chris Allen, Rowland Povey, Vikram Kamath
Race No.8 - Auction: , , , , , , ,
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