Race Night for Entertainment

A Night at the Races' provides great entertainment at any get-together - parties (office parties, birthday parties, children's parties, stag or hen night parties, Christmas parties, dinner parties), weddings, conferences, awards ceremonies, presentation nights and social evenings. Clients include businesses, schools, PTA's, churches, sports clubs and social clubs.

Fundeo Snail Racing Race Night

To set it up decide the age group category for your audience and decide whether to name the runners and the 'sponsors'. If you choose to name the runners you can use polite names, rude names, witty names or just the nicknames of your guests, then watch them squeal with delight when their names are called out by our talking parrot!

Our events are ‘plug and play’ and require no technical ability.  You can play for real money and possibly do a little fundraising at the same time, or play with our ‘fun money’ and present a prize to whoever has the most after the last race. Your guests will have the opportunity to win money and prizes which will all add to the excitement. Within minutes of the show starting you will see your audience laughing and cheering on the runners in each race!

For small events (e.g. parties, stag nights or hen nights) we have 'Lucky dip packs’. These simplify the betting procedure because there is just one winner per race (for each set of 28 Lucky Dip tickets) and prizes can be forfeits or dares.  More details are in our online shop.

To see how to run a race night, whether or not for fundraising, click the 'How to - RaceNight' button, to see how to use money at your event use our 'Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator' or you may find our 'getting started' page useful..

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