Football Club Fundraising Angus

Event Date: 24 March

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Plough Pub, Forfar, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Forfar Boys Football Club Under 12s

Notes: Fantastic event with names and sponsors over 8 races. All in a 'U' certificate for family viewing.

Testimonial: "Fantastic fundraising event for all the family." Pamela Balfour

Total Raised: £1,000

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - ATS The Best: Jerry Jew, Hard as Snails, Barnacle Boy, Freddie, Shell Suit Slugger, Shellgar, Turbo Fred, Jet
Race No.2 - SHORT Sprint for a Taxi: Brian, Snailer Trailer, Bunny Snail, Usnail Bolt, Theo Snailders, Sonic Sweetz, Meshell, Lightning Harvey
Race No.3 - All Eyes on the Snails: Slippery Syd, Mee shell, Kekmanator, Yer No Fast Yer Last, Badass Balf, Princess Nikki, Fast as Lightning, Angus
Race No.4 - N.O.V.: Steady Eddie, Usain Bolt, Ronnie's Runner, Dangerous Davey Reid, The Slimey Slugger, Sprinter, Lightning Shorty, Ex Boss
Race No.5 - The Ritchie National: Fast Eddy, Prince Mickey Mouse, Jake Bugg, Tarak DuPoo, Paulo di Snailio, Pixie, Mo, Snail Gump
Race No.6 - S & L Gallops: Snot Rod, Mars Bar, Marti, Pinjabi, Snail Meet Again, Bogeyman Boab, Andys Hero, Snails Away
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - ATS euromaster: Lewis McSherry, Kevin Noble, Brian Lavery, Jill Clark, Paul Tait, Lesley McLaughlan, Daniel Forbes, Davidson Family
Race No.2 - Shorts Taxi Hire: Dorothy Shepherd, Brian Clark, Bailee McSherry, Amanda Tait, Kevin Noble, Kiera Balfour, Terry McLauchlan, Barry harvey
Race No.3 - Specsavers Forfar: Andy Sturrock, Bruce Fleming, Calum Kelman, Scott Miller, Jack Balfour, Nikki Short, Aaron Morrison, Lauren Davidson
Race No.4 - National Oilwell Varco: Kelman Family, Ewan Miller, Ron Lindsey, Rikki Balfour, Lindsey Fleming, Morrison Family, Andrew Short, Mark Davidson
Race No.5 - David Ritchie Implements Ltd: Ann Davidson, Eva Reid, Stephen McSherry, Myra Clark, The Baxters, Lynn Ferrar, Alison Neave, Robbie Davidson
Race No.6 - S & L Fire Safety Ltd: Donny/Audrey Forbes, Maria McSherry, Davidson Family, Linda Campbell, The Nobles, Jack Neave, Andy Ferrar, Val Davidson
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