Club Fundraising Snail Night Galashiels

Event Date: 26 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Ladhope Golf Club, Galashiels, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Galadean Juniors Football Club

Notes: An 8 race snail racing event in Ladhope Golf Club for Galadean Jnrs FCmade up in a 'U' film category with sub-titles added and with personalised snail names and snail sponsors names added and with races named after race sponsors. The event is £5 admission which includes free food and there is a a bar and a bottle draw at the event which starts at 7 pm. This will be a superb night of molluscan madness and slimey escapades under the watchful eye of host Peedy parrot. Don't miss out! Update: 70 turned out for a great night enjoyed by all.

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Coco Belle Classic: Big Daddy, Shabby Chic, Dancing Queen, Doodles Boy, Noodles, Ellies Runner, Baby, Masons Machine
Race No.2 - Chisholm Derby: Bobbican, Psyco Snail, Macbro Snail, Brian, Scaaaadaddle, Frazzled Frog, Rampaging Rocket, Slim Shady
Race No.3 - DGF Classic: The Green Machine, Rudis Revenge, Singer Eastwood, Garlic Butter, Ronaldo, Nagging Mare, Brian, Sammy
Race No.4 - 5 Star Gastropod Grand Prix: Nifty Fifty, Blazing Buster, Go Fast Gregzy, Sunshine on Leith, Snottery Snail, All out of Luck, Monte, AA Flash
Race No.5 - Thermoblaze National: Speedy Seggie, Carolines Cutter, Slugger, Messi, Curve Carrie, Fraser McAdam, Ternion Joinery, Belses Burner
Race No.6 - Dalgos Dash: Robbie Rules, Turbo, Timmy Whizz, Lucky Gav, Baxter, Lucy G, Lewis G, Rehab Robbie
Race No.7 - Plexus Comes out of its Shell: Nicks Pace, Jock Stein, Slimey, Lee, Roddy, Streak, Bio Fuelled, Bricking it
Race No.8 - Takeaway Treats in Peebles: Cha Cha Black, Murphy Boy, Calum Boy, Flash Wilson, Celtic Bhoy, We dont walk away, Scooter Snail, Slimey
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Coco Belle @ Home: David Hume, Nikki Hume, Laurel Hume, Fraser Hume, Niamh George, Ellie George, Olivia George, Mason George
Race No.2 - Chisholm Roofing: Mason George, Sharon George, Sam Douglas, Elaine Kennedy, Polli Duncan, Buce Neil, Connor Duncan, Millie Manczak
Race No.3 - Darren Paton Joinery: Jane Greene, Graeme McIver, Mark Edmison, Alan McConnell, Judith Gray, Kev Temple, Jeanette Sneddon, Helen Lees
Race No.4 - 5 Star Taxis: Robert Fairburn, Joni Fairburn, Gregor Collins, Mchael Fairburn, Margot Chandler, Resources Rejects, Keir McIver, Simon Milburn
Race No.5 - Thermoglaze: Peter Seggie, Caroline Robertson, Neil Mclean, Judith Gray, Carrie Cochrane, Hilary Broatch, Hilary Broatch, Lynn Milburn
Race No.6 - DS Dalgleish: Angus Robertson, Alan Robertson, Alison Jones, Gavin Dalgleish, Sam Johnston, Lucy Galbraith, Lewis Galbraith, Alan Robertson
Race No.7 - Plexus Corp: Courthouse Coffee Sh, Ryan Curran, Laura Marshall, Karen Robertson, Alex Gibbs, Rob Brearley, Joan Brearley, D McEwan Landscaper
Race No.8 - Food for Thought Peebles: Chris Black, Rache Laidlaw, Catriona Turpie, Keith Wilson, John Penny, Derek Gillie, Emma Fowler, Grace Black
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