Football Club Fundraising King's Lynn

Event Date: 20 September

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Conservative club, London Road , King's Lynn, Norfolk, King's Lynn, United Kingdom

In Aid of: The Blue & Gold Supporters Trust - for King's Lynn Football Club

Notes: A football club fundraising snail race night with 8 races and with personalised snail names, race names, snail sponsors names and race sponsors names added. The race night dvd is made in a 'U' - universal age category rating for family viewing. See the snail names, race names and all the supporters and sponsors of this fun fundraising event below. Update: 40 or so people attended and loved it. Come back soon Blue and Gold.

Testimonial: "All excellent again." Julian Gamble

Total Raised: £300

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Plug and Socket Sprint: Juicy Sausage, Knowledge is Power, Quazimodo, Sunshine, Princess Sparkle, Dan the Man, Mork, Utterly Butterly
Race No.2 - The Bonnet to Boot Bumper : Crippled Kavanagh, Hot Pants Julie, Poppy , Pippa, Spotty Dotty, Sheepish Drew, Munchin Maddie, Leaping Lexie
Race No.3 - The Bolt and Washer Sprint: Ells Bells , Super Fulham, Spinach Muncher One, Watty Wanderer, E.Scargogo, Ra, Lynn Runner, San Miguel
Race No.4 - MND Awareness Marathon : Ellie Belly, Hairless Ed, Dirty Dan, Lucas Podolski, Wicked Wench, Spinach Muncher Two, Sol, Calamity KIrsty
Race No.5 - The Save the Penguin Race: Michelle Izzard, Spinach Muncher 3, All Change, Suni Jim Darth Vader, Shine, Fosters Gold, I'm Done , Fried Maggots
Race No.6 - Easing the Pain Away Hurdle: Pillow to the Face , Lily the Silly Billy, Photon, Scrabble Addict, Spinach Muncher 4, Bob Marley, Zooming Forward, Hit 'n' miss Hollie
Race No.7 - The Surf and Turf Stakes: Stalkeye, Sunny Boy, Sing with Seagal , Danny Boy, MIndy, Never played a game, Herclues, Peddling On
Race No.8 - The Batter and Fry Finale: Lethal Lindsay, Screaming Setch, Beardy Spriggs, Dancing Danny, Crunch Quigs, Bouncing Bunts, Overlapping Yong, Jacob and Tolley
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - O.J.South Electrical: Richard Watson, Julian Gamble, Beers of Europe, Skyline Solar, Abi Roye, Sam Barber, Mark Bradley, Mark Utteridge
Race No.2 - Lanes Motor Services: Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane, Matt Lane
Race No.3 - Franklin Industrial Supplies: Sam Barber, Bob Britton, Marcus Rose, Steven Watling, Beers of Europe, Skyline Solar, Marilyn Gamble, Steve Finch
Race No.4 - Mandy Gamble: Jenny Page, Ed Gamble, Daniel Barber, Alex Chilvers, Mandy Gamble, Marcus Rose, Skyline Solar, Ray Sherring
Race No.5 - Skyline Solar: Beers of Europe, Marcus Rose, Abi Roye, Scarlett Ellis, Skyline Solar, Steve Finch, Oli Gamble, Mandy Gamble
Race No.6 - L.D.M Therapy Services: Oli Gamble, Ellie Barber, Skyline Solar, Marilyn Gamble, Marcus Rose, Amy, Julian Featherby, Ray Sherring
Race No.7 - Special Occasions Catering: Beers of Europe, Skyline Solar, Ed Gamble, Jenny Page, Mark Bradley, Julian Gamble, Bob Britton, Julian Featherby
Race No.8 - The Loke Road Fish Bar : , , , , , , ,
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