Football Club Race Night Banbury Oxon

Event Date: 15 June

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: Banbury United Youth FC, Banbury Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Banbury United Youth FC Presentation Evening

Notes: A 'U' certificate presentation evening event with just 6 races and some great personalised snail names with sponsors names added. Great fun and a good fundraiiser too.

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Auto Paintstore Hurdle: Uno Liga, Evelin, Slow Coach Sam, Anfield Road, Ashley, Speedy, Ginger Ninja, Slimmer
Race No.2 - The Perfect Sense Sprint: Joshua, King Eric, Bob, Stan, Crunchie, Georgio, Jeff, Row Now
Race No.3 - Banbury United Elite Chase: Peter Andre, Shanberg, Galaxy, Heskey Has Pace, Shammylicious, RVP, Damien, The Sammy-Amey
Race No.4 - The Tesco Finest Hurdle: The Stig, Ickle Pickle, Oliver, JB, Speedy Sam, Sally Snail, Olster, Bale
Race No.5 - The Champions Trophy: Dark Destroyer, Little Pig, Dominator, Gary, Mike, Big Vern, One snail or another, Legless
Race No.6 - The Dewain Clarke Handicap: Arsenal, Manchester United, Banbury United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Nottingham Forest, England
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Auto Paintstore: Martin Cunnold, Tomasz, Samuel Darke, The Dear Family, Ashley Johnson, George Nowell, Harvey Ayers, Lisa Hirons
Race No.2 - Sian Harvey: Joshua Johnson, Mark Gregory, The Fountains, Christian Weir, Liam Hirons, Andy Drummond, Paul Hirons, Billy Walsh
Race No.3 - The Coaches: Sharon Wright, Billy Walsh, Tom Cunnold, Dan Oliver, Alison Drummond , Ben Gregory, The Fountains, Deb Coleman
Race No.4 - Mark Wellstood: Josh Hirons, Sian Harvey, Oliver Clitheroe, Courtney Gregory, Sam Cox, Sally Swann, Ollie Wellstood, The Fountains
Race No.5 - BUFC Champions: Billy Walsh, Harry Roberts, Tomasz jr, Jamie Wright, Kyle Mason, Vernon Wright, The Dear Family, Dewain Clarke
Race No.6 - The Chairman: Auction Winner 1, Auction Winner 2, Auction Winner 3, Auction Winner 4, Auction Winner 5, Auction Winner 6, Auction Winner 7, Auction Winner 8
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