Football Club Snail Race Night Ellon

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: New Inn Hotel, Ellon, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Rothes FC

Notes: A tremendous fun football club fundraiser for Rothes FC with an 8 race snail race night a disco and a raffle with admission of just £5. The races have snail names and sponsors added - and race names and race sponsors names too. All is made up on a 15 age category race night dvd with Peedy parrot calling out all the snail names. Should be a great night so slip along and enjoy the molluscan mayhem. Update: There was a low turn out but still a whopping £1100 was raised and everyone had an excellent time.

Testimonial: "This is the easiest / most simple race night to run!" Nikki Batty

Total Raised: £1,100

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Gardeners Sweepstake: Jodie, Leia, Jock, Lucky Lukaku, Magical Mirallas, Alan Castle, Garry Youngson, Billy Bricktop
Race No.2 - Turkey Derby: Happy Trails, Monty Bojangles, Lexy Lou, Turbo, One Darren Mackie, Sally, Brian, William
Race No.3 - My Shell Classic: The Tim, Brian, Dillan, Zebedee, The Saxophonist, The Jazzer, Winchester, The Cookie Monster
Race No.4 - The Chicken Coup: Turkinator, The Tractor Man, The Hen Wifie, Lightning Liam, Bouncing Batty, Sweet Sarah, Rollstud Dog, Ugly Man United
Race No.5 - Are We There Yet: Wii, Mad, Slow Joe, AFC Murdos, Super Ally, Turbo, Gomez, Jei
Race No.6 - The Slippery Sarnies: Social Club Barman, Craig, Easter Road Elite, Sauzee, House On The Move, Joey Harper, Rusty, Slimeball
Race No.7 - DWM Derby: Billy, Scruffy, Daffy, Raymond, Speedy, Tyree, Tweety, Ruby
Race No.8 - The Chairmans Stakes: Sticky Mabel, Pretty Pathetic, Well Dunn, Battys Beauty, Billys Blaze, Gordons Gleam, Annes Angel, Robbies Rogue
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Speyside Garden Services: Alfie McGarthland, Gillian McGarthland, Andrew Simpson, Andrew G Simpson, Euan Simpson, Davie Barnett, Davie Barnett, Willy Bruce
Race No.2 - Grant Plumbing & Heating: Scott Wilkinson, Maxine Gray, Stuart McGruther, Paul MacKellar, Steven Johnstone, Louise Gray, Hugh Donohoe, Rozanne Emslie
Race No.3 - Envitec Int Ltd: Jim Emerson, Brian Greig, Ross Clarke, Ross Clarke, Bill Griffin, Bill Griffin, Derek Weir, Ricky Horne
Race No.4 - Linsmohr Hotel: Grant Plumbing, Sandy Moir, Heather Moir, Margaret Batty, Graham Batty, Sarah Egleton, Kevin Garden, Steve Dalgarno
Race No.5 - Jackie Horne: Terry Horne, Terry Horne, Angela Campbell, Brian Lobban, Eric Anderson, Jason Hynds, Scott McFarlane, Mike Mundy
Race No.6 - G & L Catering: David Cruickshank, A. N. Cruickshank, Russell Anderson, Russell Anderson, Derek Slessor, Neil McKenzie, Ian Logan, I. Bruce
Race No.7 - Direct Waste Management: Billy Marshall, Derek Horne, Derek Horne, Pramatec, Brenda Horne, Jackie Horne, Brenda Horne, Mark Raby
Race No.8 - Robbie Thomson: Gordon Thomson, Robbie Thomson, Anne Thomson, Gordon Thomson, Anne Thomson, Billy Thomson, Robbie Thomson, Billy Thomson
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