Football Fundraising Forfar Angus

Event Date: 8 June

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Plough Pub, Forfar, Angus, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Forfar Boys Under 11

Notes: An 8 race event with snail names and sponsors names added and races named too. Made up on an U category race night dvd. Update 70 folk turned out and our snail racing raised the fantastic sum of £900

Testimonial: "Good quick service . . . kids had great fun and plenty money raised." Kirsty Miller

Total Raised: £900

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Theatre of Dreams Derby: Bat out of Shell, The Big Guy, Sergie, Moves Like Messi, Peter, Blair, Bob, Smoky
Race No.2 - The Claas Smashional: Captain Kai, Speedy, Dave, Slow Coach, Bobby, Brooklyn, Bolt, King Billy
Race No.3 - 54 and Counting: Bob.....the snail, Ronaldo, Sofia The First, Hippy Joe, Snookie Snail, Henrik Lar, Silly Sol, Stewie
Race No.4 - Double Trouble: Slouch, Persie, Quicksnail, Ben, Kay, The Bridie Bullet, The Brown Rocket, Tasticoco
Race No.5 - Nova and East End Bar: Usnail Bolt, Ribena Rocket, Turbo, Heskey Pace, Super Sidney, Jimmy, Lewis, Speedy
Race No.6 - GRH Integrity: Super Fast Snail, Baillie Boy, Poppet, Speedy, Marley, Letham Lightning, Farquhar, Jacquee
Race No.7 - Forfar: Isabell, Lightning McShell, Tusker, Me-shell, Whitehills Whippet, Gareth Snail, Fast Freddy, Dandy Don
Race No.8 - All Bar Baz: Escargot, Millie, Messi, Aiden, Slow Coach, Ellie Racer, Slimey Snail, Flash
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - A M Phillip Trucktck Ltd: The Fordyce Family, The Haggart Family, Penbro BG, Owen Stirton, Stewart Family, The Quinn Family, The Atagans, Len Wigley
Race No.2 - CLAAS: McIntosh Family, Aaron Millar, Aiden Sinclair, Jim Edgar, The Johnston Family, The Robertson Family, Nancy Balfour, Connor Forsyth
Race No.3 - Garry Balfour Painter: Team Munro, Owen Mitchell, Orla Stirton, Scott Miller, Rachael Baillie, The Walkers, McIntosh Family, Aiden Sinclair
Race No.4 - Connect Electrical: Carrie Millar, A & D McIntosh, The Atagans, The Quinns, Stewart Family, Jack Stirton, The Brown Family, The Haggart Family
Race No.5 - Doug Walker: The Fordyce Family, Ian McDiarmid, Ciara Mitchell, Team Munro, Connor Forsyth, Alex Balfour, The Robertson Family, The Johnston Family
Race No.6 - Gavin Haggart: Mary Edgar, Liam Baillie, The Moirs, Len Wigley, Aiden Sinclair, Jack Millar, The Atagans, The Quinn Family
Race No.7 - M A Baillie Joiner: Crichton Family, The Petrie Family, The Haggart Family, The Fordyce Family, Josh Stirton, Owen & Ciara, Team Munro, Connor Forsyth
Race No.8 - Quinn Safety & Consultancy: Eilidh & Nieve McD, A & D McIntosh, Keir Balfour, The Robertson Family, M Johnston, Ellie Dryden, The Lairds, The Wilkies
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