School Fundraising Night West Yorkshire

Event Date: 22 May

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Heptonstall School, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Heptonstall School PFA

Notes: A 6 race fundeo night of snail racing in a childrens' version with sub-titles and Peedy parrot compering the evening and calling out all the race names snail names and sponsors. Have a great fundeo night! UPDATE: Only 50people attended this event and more were expected but everyone had a great time and £40 profit was raised at the bar and another £40 from the racing.

Testimonial: "We thought this fundeo snail racing event was great fun. The children were hysterically excited by it!" Melanie D.

Total Raised: £80

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - L for Heather Steeplechase: The Crust Hunter, Gangsta Granny, Bob Bott really fast, Speedy gone snail, Dont u want me baby, Electric Antenna, The Parrot, Super Bready
Race No.2 - Are We Snaily There Yet?: Simon Yates, Disneyland, Ninja Noah, Shelly, Super fast Bob, Fumbaa, Flash, The Unloved Snail
Race No.3 - The Cochlea Chase: Bert Puttocks, Pearl Matilda, Finntastic, Highway to Shell, Earache, Stanley, Flash Gordon, Poor Slime
Race No.4 - The Bumble: Super Ellie, Amazing Lillip, Flash, Lettuce, Sprout, Who Me?, Sluggy, Small but Scary
Race No.5 - Heptonstall De Larc De Triomph: R We nrly there yet?, Mac (the speedy), Sparky, Snaily McSlimer, Gastro Podracer, Flash, Sparkle, crunch
Race No.6 - The Waring Golden Shell Cup: Wow! thats Fast, Noones catching me, Look at me go!, Zoomer, The Whizz Kid, Flat Snail on Shoe, Snail on Skateboard, petrol powered snail
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Pass with Heather: Granny Karen, Granny Karen, Elsie Erin Maeve, James Marsden, Mr Smith, George Daniels, Aggie Daniels, Mabel Daniels
Race No.2 - Off Peak Luxury dot com: Mrs Williams, Mr Perrin, Jo Heeley, isabella & Gabriel, Oliver Dowling, Harvey, Stanley W, No one wanted me
Race No.3 - E Binns and Sons : Phil S, Isobel S, Finn S, Carley S, Isobels Grandparents, Family Faulks, Rosie Lane, Mr Nobody
Race No.4 - Zeitgeist: Amy Scholfield, Loz Donohue, Dom Hardman, Heath T, Leo T, Mrs Smith, Mr N Boddy, The Invisible man
Race No.5 - Studio C: Beth Hardman, Rose Hardman, Isobel Hardman, Bea Mackintosh, Jayne Benson, Ishbel, Maddie B, Mrs Jones
Race No.6 - Russ Waring: , , , , , , ,
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