Charity Snail Race Night Hampshire

Event Date: 4 May

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Mortimer Arms, Southampton, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Alzheimer's Society

Notes: An 8 race fundeo night of snail racing compered by our virtual host Peedy the parrot who will be introducing all of the contestants by name. Slip along for a great night of fun for a great cause. UPDATE: 70 people turned out and £1000 was raised with everyone enjoying the fundeo snail racing.

Testimonial: "Fundeo Snail Race is a perfect way to raise money for charity! Fun was had by all!" Lucy H.

Total Raised: £1,000

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Big Blue Race: Stinkey Malinke, Confident Chris, Jumping Julie, Slimal Messi, Majestic Melissa, Dawnie, Slimey, Fat Boy Slime
Race No.2 - Hythe Hurdles: Shellgar, Norman, Graham, Clive, Speedy Scott, Jazzy Jane, All Hail the Snail, Snaileo
Race No.3 - Benson: Ben, Jason, Ava, Toby, Redhead, Kelpie, Gustav Wind, Slow - No Have a Go
Race No.4 - The Snail McSnailface National: Silver Streak, Slippery Dick, Heart, Slimeball, Mr Snailsworth, Slip and Slide, Speedy Gonzalez, Snail the Force
Race No.5 - Even Keel Derby: Mike, Adele Adventuress, Dorf, Shellbert, Florence, George, Lilly, Gym Slimer
Race No.6 - Boden Bookie Stakes: Penelope Snailstop, Limpford Christie, Speedy Sam, Snail McSnailface, YesCanGo, Shelly, Usnail Bolt, Willy Whooooosh
Race No.7 - The FI Challenge Cup: Brian, Petunia, Timothy, Shellbastian Vettel, Redhead 2, Escargot, Paul, Bob
Race No.8 - The KW Gold Cup: Tara, Snails, 007, Dave the Rave, Ginger, Dawnie 2, Barney Boy, BBM
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Big Blue Cafe: Meg Tomkins, Chris Brunt, Julie Brunt, Susie Curtis, Melissa , Dawn Flake, Beth Lamb, Sam Gould
Race No.2 - Hythe Electrical : Carolyn Hobbs, Emma Hughes, Chris Cooper, Ash Byfield, Scott Barker, Jane Barker , Georgie Hedges, Lee Hedges
Race No.3 - Benson Consultants: Tracey Bevis, Tracey Bevis, Jayne O, Steve O, Veronica Peverill, Margaret Myles, Meg Tomkins, Charmaine Dean
Race No.4 - Affordable IT: Lisa Gould, Kev Gould, Grace Longman, Jan Tomkins, Jenni Rose, Lucy Longman, Sam & Ellen, Chris & Abi
Race No.5 - Even Keel Financial: Mike Overton, Adele Overton, Dorothy Brown, Gezina Baehr, Linda Woolcocks, Claire McCabe, Emma McCabe, Pam Waterman
Race No.6 - Boden Bookkeeping: Hannah Edwards, Matthew Roberts, Sam Roberts , Janet Dickson, Steve Roberts, Claire Hurry, Caroline Curtis, Julie Baker
Race No.7 - First Impressions Denture: Simon Hobbs, Paula Hobbs, Georgina Burrows, AAC Surveyors, Veronica Peverill, Debs Jones, Ollie Burrows, Janet Dickson
Race No.8 - KW Cleaning: Lisa Stoneham, Kerry & Lisa, Chris Waite, Dave Ralph, Mark Tomkins, Dawn Flake, Jan Tomkins, Tom Waite
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