Community Fundraising Rainham

Event Date: 20 October

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Mardyke Community Centre, , Rainham , United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fund Raising for our charity No. 1112011 Mardyke Youth & Community Association

Notes: Slip a`long to this evening of mad molluscan mayhem with 8 fundeo snail races in a U category for all of the family to enjoy. Fundeo fun is guaranteed. %0 people attended the event and had a great evening raising a profit of £380 easily.

Testimonial: "Great fun and an easy way to raise funds." Irene B.

Total Raised: £380

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. Childhood Memories: Caesar, DJ Coconuts, Stars, Fluffy, Red Rocket, Dew Drop, Sweet Smiler, Bonkers
Race No.2 - 2. EASIGRASS RANGERS: paddys Pride, Peter Pan of Essex, Laughing lepracorn, Chocolate Starfish, Zippy, Blingo, Fund Raiser, Nutter
Race No.3 - 3. Bingo Bangers: Windy Wendy, Tanya Tornado, The Fail on the Rail, Move on Up, Ols Joy, Nellie Kellie, Tractor Boys, Bob The Builder
Race No.4 - 4.Diane: Lucky Gem, Diamond Sparkle, Elijah, Kick Arse Kat, king Kasey, Squiggle, Samtom, Freddie
Race No.5 - 5. Addisons Derby: Speedy Sid, Breakneck Boots, Tigger Tornado, Chocaholic, In a Flash, Passing Wind, Greased Lightning, Molar Mauricio
Race No.6 - 6. Escargo: Monty, Eisenhower, Teresa May, Peanut, Cliff, Zac, Do What, Rommel
Race No.7 - 7.Ann and Eddies Race: Grotts, Tracey Trouble, Rampant Ray, Jolly Julie, Xbox Ryan, Alley Pally, Shaun the Prawn, Chef Justine
Race No.8 - 8. The Independence: Pink Angel, Biobby Boio, Ella Bella, Ally Pally, Crafty Girl, Puppy Power, Supoer Shelly, Ginger Nuts
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - John & Hailey Grant: Kaye, Alfie, Georgia, Nanny, Grandad, John, Hailey, Jessica
Race No.2 - EASIGRASS DISTRIBUTION LTD: Sam Lammin, Sam Lammin, Sam Nastri, Sam Nastri, Brenda Addison, MYCA, MYCA Fund Raisers, Lesley Blowers
Race No.3 - MYCA Bingo Club: Pauline Williams, Beryl Young, Tim Bingo, Sylvia Bingo, Olive Bingo, Ellen Bingo, Mary Bingo, Bob Bingo
Race No.4 - Sam Nastri: Sam Limmin, Sam Lammin, Amy Davenport, Sam Nastri, Sam Nastri, Jordan Nastri, Beryl Conway, Michael Bowls
Race No.5 - Brenda Addison: Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison, Brenda Addison
Race No.6 - Orchard Bowls Club: Margie Finch, Audrey, Vi Parrott, Alan, Joan, Alan Clark, Les, Margie
Race No.7 - The Blowers Mob: The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob, The Blowers Mob
Race No.8 - Natasha and Graham: Natasha, Alison, Paul, Alison, Crafty Club, Crafty Club, Crafty Club, Tracey Bingo
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