Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator

Our 'Fundraising Calculator' is designed to help you plan your race night. Play with the parameters to see how different permutations will affect your finances for a fundraising and/or entertainment event. With a little effort a charity race night can easily raise £1,000 or more. If you need further explanation of the parameters please see our "How to Run a Race Night" page.

  • Sponsorship : £520

Collecting sponsorship is a great way to raise funds before you start. Races are often sponsored at £25 or £50 and runners (i.e. horses, snails, cockroaches etc) at £5. Race sponsors benefit from business exposure and runner sponsors normally get a prize if their runner wins the race. Personalised names add humour to the event.

Attendance and/or Admission tickets
  • Admission Ticket : £0

Selling admission tickets in advance is a good way to ensure a good turnout. Some organisers prefer to leave this out to encourage a large attendance. If you provide food then be sure to cover the cost in the ticket price.

The Tote
  • The Tote : £640

All the tickets are sold at the same price and a percentage of the total takings (normally 40% or 50% ) is paid out and divided up for the winning tickets. We recommend that tickets are sold at £1 each. Lowering the price normally means people will just buy more tickets. Generally people bet an average of £2 per race.

Lucky Dip tickets
  • Lucky Dip : £224

Lucky Dip Tickets come in sets of 28 and there is one winning ticket per set. We recommend one or two sets for an attendance of 40 people and at least one set per race for an audience of 80 or more. If your race night only uses Lucky Dip tickets for the betting you may need more sets. The payout is typically 50%.

Last Race Auction
  • Auction : £200

Runners in the last race are normally auctioned (note: they can still be sponsored). Individuals can bid surprisingly high prices but a conservative average would be about £50. Normally 50% of the total is given to the owner of the winning runner.

Fundraising Total

Please deduct hire fees for the venue, equipment and race night from this total to give the final figure. Print out this page to keep a record of your estimate. Then after your event come back and type in the actual figures and print it again for your records.