Fundraising Race Nights

A Snail or Cockroach Race Night for Fundraising

Fundeo Snail Racing Race NightFundeo's Race Nights are superb fundraisers and an immensely popular way for organisations like schools, charities, sports clubs, social clubs, communities and individuals to raise funds. If you follow our guidelines one of our race nights will raise a large sum of money for your cause.

The key to Fundeo's success is superb entertainment and ease of use. The races are exciting and funny; the personalised packs intrigue and our talking Parrot presents the show so the organisers can relax. Running a Fundeo Race Night is as simple as placing the DVD in the player and pushing ‘play’.

How to Fundraise Money with a Race Night

Funds are raised from sponsorship, betting and auctioning of the runners in the last race. Race Nights are run under legislation which vary from State to State.  Though there are many permutations there are just two basic ways of running a race night:

Using money The easiest and most popular way to run a race night is to wager with real money and award cash prizes. This is normal in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, several States of the USA (e.g. Illinois) and Canada (e.g. Ontario). Some States in the USA and Australia frown upon the concept of 'wagering' with real money but are happy for participants to purchase 'fun money' for wagering and to 'cash in' afterwards for real money. Here the procedure is the same but players buy 'fun money' at the start and 'cash in' later.  Click below to see how it's done with money or to use our Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator.

How to run a race night using money    Fundraising calculator

Using Donations In some states it is common to use a 'Donation based' system . This system can be used anywhere because fun money is used throughout. Here the organisers ask business sponsors to donate prizes before the event. At the event, guests are asked for 'donations' for the good cause and in exchange are given fun money and an admission ticket. The fun money is used at the event to bet on the runners in each race. At the end of the event the 'fun money' winnings are used to bid for the prizes in an auction. The result is that no money exchanges hands for the betting and therefore the law does not apply.

Click the button below to see how it's done with donations or to use our Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator:

How to run a race night using donations