Club & School Fundraising Devon

Event Date: 1 April

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Blue Lion Inn, Okehampton, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Lew Trenchard School & Lewdown Cricket Club

Notes: Get along to this fundeo night of snail racing for a guaranteed excellent night of molluscan mayhem fundeo style! UPDATE: 80 turned out for a night rated excellent all round with £600 raised plus £850 at the bar!

Testimonial: "Brilliant fun night once again, easy to raise money as people don't mind parting with their cash if they are having fun and in with a chance of wining." Charlie H.

Total Raised: £600

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Slugglish Stakes: Homeless Slug, Speedy Gonzales, Road Runner, Slow Payer, Fifth Gear, Creepy Crawly, Irish Slowcoach, Escar-Go
Race No.2 - C & G Speedy Racers: Butter Bean, Annabell Lew, Ellojay, Shelley Mcsnailface, Bob For Now, Turbo, Chicks, Steve
Race No.3 - Clovelly Inn Slime Run: Drekley On, Dun Bowling, 0 - Ninety, Slippery Eel, Grumpy Old Man, Me Shell, S J M, Lady Jo
Race No.4 - Build It Bodge It & Scarper: Tipsy, Jel, Shot in the Dark, Thomas, Timothy, Chicks, Brian, Jerry
Race No.5 - Phils Speedy Silage Stakes: Dafydd, Viking, Verminator, Humpalot, Brian, Fastest Fingers, Martman, Butchered Chance
Race No.6 - Heat Is On Cup: Dougal, Burns Like Bugger, Lamberetta, Gav is Gone, Sidney, Killer Kacey, Slow Yeo, Slow Coach
Race No.7 - Blue Bolderdash Beer Chase: Fizzlesticks, S-Car-Go, Hughes The Daddy, Bump Along, Face Of An Angel, Fat Boy Slime, Stranger Danger, Jack The Man
Race No.8 - Builders Us Be Auction Race: Bea O Problem, Gloria Stitz, Len Dusatenna, Oil Beef Hooked, Roger Ring, Minjeeta, Norfolk and Chance, Mike Rotch
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Alder Sportswear: Simon Neep, David Woods, Richard Hugget, Sharon Trewin, John Westlake, Nigel Colwill, Andy Hill, Gearing Williams
Race No.2 - C & G Autoservice: Paul Fieldhouse, Esme Murray, Diana Tickle, Bex Massey, Abby Pahdi, Ell & Lil Griffiths, Dave & Allana Chick, Rosie Griffiths
Race No.3 - Clovelly Inn: James Sleep, Peter Lever, Rob Perkins, Tom Hughes, Torben Hughes, Leaky Bob, Steve Metherell , Jo Metherell
Race No.4 - R Northam & J Bassett Builders: T & J Jordan, Alison Harris, Keith Wonnacott, Tracey Hunt, Tim Woodward, Dave & Allana Chick, Sarah&Dave Slocombe, Loud Family
Race No.5 - F J Yeo Contracting: Toby Warren, Lotte Smith, Andy Vernon, Barry Medland, Dawn Medland, Phil Spry, Martin Loud, Mark Heard
Race No.6 - Broadwood Boiler Services: Ted Perkin, Steve Burns, Marilyn Perkin, Gavin Robets, T & G Geering, Kacey Burns, Merv Yeo, Charlie Hat
Race No.7 - Blue Lion Inn: Reece Fissler, Andrea Steele, Charlie Hughes, Nicky Hill, Lee Tillier, Jonty Hughes, Chris James, Andy Heard
Race No.8 - A C Worth Builders: , , , , , , ,
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