Fundraising Dublin Ireland

Event Date: 25 November

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Black Forge, Drimnagh Road, Dublin 12, DUBLIN, Ireland

In Aid of: Lourdes Celtic Football For All

Notes: A 12 race fundeo snail racing escargot medley with our virtual compere peedy parrot at the helm keeping all our snail champs under control and in the right pecking order. Slip along for a great night in the pub and what with guinness, betting, laughter, banter and prizes this promises to be a great fun night. UPDATE: This event was thoroughly enjoyed and rated v good value for money personalisation and ease of use and was enjoyed by all 150 who turned out with £6,000 (six thousand Euro / £ being raised. Well done

Total Raised: £6,000

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