Club Fundraising Kent

Event Date: 11 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Capel Village Hall, Dover, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Capel Youth Club

Notes: 110 people turned out for this fundeo night of fundraising with our virtual compere strutting his stuff and introducing all the competitors, the races and the sponsors. An excellent time was had by all and lots of money - £850 - was raised with the organisers of course being delighted with the result. Well done.

Testimonial: "We have used fundeo before but found this to be a very easy process to raise significant funds for our Youth Club, whilst having a really fun evening too. Thank you Fundeo! " Simon W.

Total Raised: £850

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Hedgehogs Delight: Woogie, Linford, Mo, De Bruyne, Snookums, Reecey Beecey, Slimey Simey, Usain Bolt
Race No.2 - Ave Em In Stitches: Gary Snail, Hard Case, Hedgehogs Lunch, Speedy, Capel Kid, Turbo, Juicy Jenny, Marvelous Millie
Race No.3 - Hop Fuzz Skip & Jump: Ed Everage, Daryls Delight, Just Julian, Tom-Tom, Maximum Max, Alexandra The Great, Jovial John, Anaconda
Race No.4 - Capel Crusading Capers: Randy Rudolph, I Am Michael Telford, Bellfield, Speedy Gonzales, Dozey Daffie, Lazy Daisey, Nobby Doughnut, Archlog
Race No.5 - Build-A-Snail: Hopping Hooper, Quick Queenie, Solomon, Go Bris Go, Rob The Rocker, Galloping Gunner, L'Escargot, Sparrow Hawk
Race No.6 - Network Snail: Snail Blazer, Optimus Slime, Mollie Slugden, Slimey Cyrus, Mullusc Kintyre, S.Cargo, Mary Shelly, Slimeon Cowell
Race No.7 - Escargot Go !: Brian, Stewart, Lucky Escargot, Shell Shocked, The Ferret, Snails Pace, Bob, Slithery Slimon
Race No.8 - Oi Oi Savaloy: Slime Ball, Slippery Fella, Parish Prancer, Gonzales, Racey Rachel, Exotic Emma, Isaac, Brian
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Si-Wi Associates: Gareth Weston, Kellie Weston, Charlie Weston, Ryan Straker, Cathie Arthur, Reece Bourner, Simon Withey, Sarah Withey
Race No.2 - Stitch 2 Fit: Chris Miller, Liam Pile, Dawn Miller, Debbie Smith, Capel Youth Club, Harry Manning, Gracie Manning, Millie Manning
Race No.3 - Hop Fuzz: Ed, Daryl, Julian, Tom, Max, Alex, John, Anna
Race No.4 - Capel Garage: Debbie Warnock, Logan Warnock-Mill, Archie Warnock-Mill, Stephen Baxter, Alison Warnock, Jim Warnock, Paul Mill, Sarah Forrest
Race No.5 - A.W. Hooper Builders: Charlotte Hooper, Emma Leonard, Sarah Leonard, Georgia Brisley, Rob Sherwood, Sandra Sharp, Ray Crane, Kitty Maxted-Crane
Race No.6 - KJ Page Services Ltd: Kevin Page, Joseph Page, Grace Page, Barbara Allen, Sue Page, Kevin Page, Sue Page, Joy Page
Race No.7 - Capel Ground Works: Bridie Taylor, Kathryn Pile, John Short, Jennifer Short, Chris Pile, Mike Pile, Chris Miller, Alan Fisher
Race No.8 - C-Elect Associates Ltd: Harry Pile, Sam Pile, Maureen Leopard, Debbie Smith, Rachel Chandler, Emma Chandler, Mick Marshall, Craig Miller
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