Club Fundraising Perthshire

Event Date: 4 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Thistle Hotel , Kinross, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fossoway Amateur Football Club

Notes: An 8 race fundeo night with snails in a 15+ age category in the hotel. Peedy parrot will be put through his paces running this event calling out all the names and of the races and the snails and introducing them and their owners. This promises to be a great fun event so slip along and enjoy the molluscan mayhem - fundeo style. UPDATE: 40 TURNED OUT AND A LOT OF MONEY WAS RAISED AT AN EVENT RATED EXCELLENT.

Testimonial: "Brilliant, fast, efficient service." Jan C.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Decorators Derby: Max, Bobs Battler, Fast as Lightning, Butcher Boy, Fast Freddie, Joey 22, Daves Donkey, Scotts Snail
Race No.2 - Cooncil Derby: Buffs basher, Beardie Puss, Trevs Trail, Tuckers Delight, Red Devil, dale the Snail, Handy Andy, Skivinator
Race No.3 - Corner Shop Handicap: Trevors Thunder, Glasgow Boy, The Newlie, Sandy Snail Pace, Chloes Champion, Super Vics, Midfield Maestro, Ambers Pride
Race No.4 - The Fraser Handicap: Alfies Ace, Andys Daughter, Kinross Kolt, Sargeant Gonzales, The Dream Wont Die, Slime Ball, Tonic Terrier, King Billy
Race No.5 - The Sense Scotland Cup: Samson, Car Shark, Cash No Cheques, Fife Flyer, Sir Walter, Levi, Sofa King Easy, Lindsays Lover
Race No.6 - Bankers Bash: Farmer Giles, Tartan Army, Fry Stole Mine, Snail Ved, Finnie Park, Smarter Carter, Crusader June, Popes Eleven
Race No.7 - The Fraser Furlong: Sneedel, Glenrothes Gazette, Dawnes Delight, Rothesay Girl, Wazza, True Blue, Pele Pass, Bottle of Juice
Race No.8 - The Chebs Chase: Pedro, Pinkie Dots, McSlimey, Simon The Snail, Slime McSlime Face, Ferrograph World, Gio Snail, Queen of the South
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Andy MacFarlane: sandra Flemming, Bobby Brian, Tommy IK Kiosk, Beaton Lindsay, Scott Henderson, Stephen Gallacher, David Lindsay, Scott Cushnie
Race No.2 - Alan Moody: Derek Reid, Gary Davie, Trevor Harris, Andy Duncan, Stephen Fraser, Dale McQueen, Andy MacDonald, Brian Skivington
Race No.3 - Ewan Baillie: Trevor Harris, Sandy Fraser, Sandy Fraser, Dale McQueen, Chloe Grimwood, Marti, Struan McLean, Dale McQueen
Race No.4 - Sandy Fraser: Alfie Grimwood, Andy McFarlane, Sandy Fraser, B Gonzales, Iain Fraser, Tom Chebrika, Brian Duncan, David
Race No.5 - Sense Scotland: Dan Chebrika, Ian Richardson, Andy McFarlane, Brian Duncan, David, Callam Grindley, BD, Martin Duff
Race No.6 - Stevie Clark: Ally Young, Ally Young, Wade Aitchison, Scott Sneddon, Iain Fraser, Dave McQueen, Bobby Brian, Stephen Gallacher
Race No.7 - Sandy Fraser: Not Sure, Andy McFarlane, B Gonzales, Stephen Fraser, Wade Aitchison, Andy McFarlane, Struan McLean, Ryan McLean
Race No.8 - Jan Chebrika: Bob, John Gallacher, Anthony Chebrika, Sue Chebrika, Gordon Frew, Terri Martini Yates, John Gallacher, Peter Martini Yates
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