School Fun Night Staffordshire

Event Date: 17 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Yoxall St Peters School, Burton on Trent, United Kingdom

In Aid of: FOSPS Family Fun Snail Race

Notes: Slip along to this 6 race fundeo snail racing night at the school for a fun evening of molluscan mayhem, laughs, prizes and banter. This event in a U category race night film and with all the competitors introduced by our virtual host peedy parrot will be an evening to remember. UPDATE: 160 people attended to raise the roof with £400 raised for the good cause plus £700 at the bar and the event was rated a huge success.

Testimonial: "Excellent customer service, very helpful. Speedy delivery. Fantastic event." Julia C.

Total Raised: £1,100

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Funrace: Lily, Turbo 1, Arthur, Curly, Rosie Popinder, Turbo 2, Kevin, Brian
Race No.2 - The Grand Smashional: Annie, Ashton, Steve, Kendall, Harry, Thunderpants, Rosie, Minnie
Race No.3 - The Fundeo Derby: Slither, Escargot, Slowbert, Cyril, Cara Fflur, Dave, Magical Fairy Mia, Sluggy
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Captain Slow, Bob, Speedy Sally, Super Slick, Charlie, Tinks Tink, Cool Dude, Sid
Race No.5 - The Fundeo Frolic: Beanicous, Harold, Jess, Geoff, Alice, Windy Wendy, Racing Rocca, Shiny Freckles
Race No.6 - The Slimey Cup: Mr Draper, Miss Round, Miss Williams, Mrs Raine, Mrs Skipper, Mrs Wright, Mrs Cappell, Mrs Farmer
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Class 1: Pippa Robertshaw, Harrison Toddington, Tristan JenkinsHeron, Annabella Massey, Daisy Halsted, Sam Lay, Zach Bulleyment, George Phillips
Race No.2 - Class 2: Annabell Handley, Thomas Hayward, Joseph Goodall, , Summer Ward-Brown, Sophie Lewis, Ava Richards, Lewis Lancashire
Race No.3 - Class 3: Isabella Leach, James Turner, Evyn Law, Kobi Ward-Brown, Rhys Jenkins Heron, Sam Goodall, Molly Summers, Danny Roberts
Race No.4 - Class 4: Clark Bayliss, Ellie Tebbutt, Phoebe Whitworth, Mollie Needham, Hester Delves, Faith Carty, Hugo Marsden, Abbie Johnson
Race No.5 - Class 5: Ben Carty, Jonathan Palmer, Archie Lancashire, Connor Okereke, Sienna Wycherley , Isabel Whitworth, Niamh Kelly, Charlotte Fossett
Race No.6 - The Teachers: , , , , , , ,
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