School Fundraising Yorks

Event Date: 12 May

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Midgley School, Halifax, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Midgley School PTFA

Notes: Come along to this 8 race fundraiser for the school It's a 6 race event in a film category suitable for children and adults and will be a great fun night with all the snail names, race names and sponsors presented on screen. UPDATE: 160 people turned out for this event which was a great success raising £600 plus extra at the bar.

Testimonial: "The snail racing DVD was amazing. It was put together professionally and seamlessly. A fabulous event where adults and children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will be back next year!" Sarah A.

Total Raised: £600

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Mill Molluscs: Escargot, Crafted RL, Lexy, Slug Snot, Darth Snail, Fudge, Beauty, Doris
Race No.2 - Horatios Hurdle: Lilly, Nigel Manshell, Slowcoach, Haleysnaily, Lightning Bolt, Raben, Speedy Ninja, Sophia The First
Race No.3 - Pamelas Stampede: Jam, Turbo, Bella, Snail Bob, Sparkle, Daisy, Flamethrower, Monday Madness
Race No.4 - Snailing the high seas: Simon Snail, Speedo, Hattie Boogies, Cheetah, Bobby, Racing Rosie, Lightning, Supersonic Megasnail
Race No.5 - Blazing Trails: Brian, Snaily Gonzales, Storm, Trico, Speedy, Rapid Robert, Epic, Bob
Race No.6 - The Last Snail Standing : Speedy, Bob, Flash, Need for Speed, King Geoff the Third, Snaily McSnailface, Lightning, Sloe Gin
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - The Mill Playcafe: Alfie & Tylee Peers, Mikey McGregor, Maisie Ellis, Jack Powell, Elliot Gunn, Torin Hargreaves, Annabelle Aghahowa, Albert Coop
Race No.2 - The Lord Nelson: Erica Knowles, Edward Whipp, Finlay Clerkin, Libby Haley, Joe Salad, Maisie Limb, Zachary Fox, Jasmine Atkinson
Race No.3 - Upsy Daisys: The Mackrills, James Lockett, Ophelia Marks, H & A Archibald, Beth Hargreaves, Honey, H Morton, Midgley Playgroup
Race No.4 - The Ark Nursery: M & S Kendrick, A & C Dean, Harriett Horlock, Finlay Martin, Adam & Yusuf Khan, Rosie Burrows, H & G Cockroft, Jocelyn Olive Alfred
Race No.5 - Blazing Saddles Bikes: Andrea Fowles, Rhett Richardson, Isabelle Horlock, Jayde McGregor, Kate Salad, Claudia Sutcliffe, Calan Hargreaves, C & B Swindells
Race No.6 - Baxendale Vanzie: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Reception, Teachers
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