School Fundraising Yorkshire

Event Date: 4 March

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Myrtle Park Primary School, Bingley, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Friends of Myrtle Park Primary School

Notes: This year it's a Fundeo Race Night with Snails for Myrtle Park Primary! All the snail names and their sponsors names will be called out together with the race names and their sponsors - so Peedy parrot - our virtual compere will certainly be put through his paces for what promises to be a fantastic evening of molluscan mayhem - fundeo style! . UPDATE: Reported feedback was an excellent all round score and excellent entertainment by all 120 who turned out.

Testimonial: "As always, very good fun." Sarah S.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The McNair Meet: Poppy, Spongebob, Olivia, Fast Eddie, Princess Evelyn, Picso, Red Sky 112, Ninjdroid 331
Race No.2 - The Architects Assault: Simply Red 64, Cherie Cheroo 74, Mr Bob, Joey, Tim, Fraser, Black Shadow, Bruce
Race No.3 - The Myrtle Hurdle: Fluffy Flower, Jaffa Cake, Maisy Penguin, Speedy Axolotl, Violet Booster, Smudge, Floaty, Speedy
Race No.4 - The Primary Park Pursuit: Squidge, Admiral Hall, Wisdom, Chatter Box, Turbo Toby, Honey G, Shakalakaboomboom, Young Wolf
Race No.5 - The Mollusc Marathon: Action Jackson, Bobrick, Grease Lightening, Sprint, Moneybags, Fabulous Fearne, Usain Bolt, Efco
Race No.6 - The Myrtle Manoeuver: Lightening Strike, Mr Smiley, The Predator, Walkers Whizzing Wiz, Wiz-hard , Magic, Banchetta, Comet
Race No.7 - The School Stampede: Smudge, Penguinetta, Boom, Les Limace, Barbara, Captain Awesome, Frank, Slowcoach
Race No.8 - The Bingley Barnstorm: The Shooting Star, Roaring Rocket, The Woodland One, Marvellous Marvel, Tates Titan, Drakes Daring Dragon, Redding's Ranger, The Power Builder
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Illingworth McNair: Mia Rookes, Sonny Joyce, Charlie Collins, Ewan Graves, Evelyn Graves, Tilly Bramwell, Red Holden, Kanye Holden
Race No.2 - KPP Architects : Steve Holden, Sherie Briggs, William Millward, Joshua Empson, Billy Collins, Max Roberts, Joseph Whitford, Alfie Walker
Race No.3 - Illingworth McNair: Poppy Joyce, Libby Dewhirst, Maisy Hall, Mac Graves, Isobel Bramwell, Jessica Langley, George Rookes, Amelia Rushworth
Race No.4 - KPP Architects: Ben Illingworth, Ben and Josh Hall, Alice Slater, Lauren Naylor, Arianna McGuire, Wendy Calvert, Ava Stoneman, Adham Abdelghaffar
Race No.5 - Illingworth McNair: Tom Jackson, Sophie Burrows, Kai-Yi Wilde, Rhys Ward, Rosa Simpson, Fearne Midgley, Kevin Cienin, Emily Firth
Race No.6 - KPP Architects: Hannah Sullivan, Elsie Joyce, Ruby Kellett, Mia Walker, Libby Slater, Katie Eccles, Emily Firth, Tommy Smith
Race No.7 - Illingworth McNair: Jess Illingworth, Sophie Bentley, Sam Langley, Emily Firth, Izzy Farquhar, Olivia Stoneman, Alfie Perry, Mei-Yi Wilde
Race No.8 - KPP Architects: Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
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