Fundraising Killyleagh Co Down Ireland

Event Date: 16 November

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Killyleagh Masonic Hall High Street Killyleagh , Co Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Fund raiser for repairs to hall

Notes: An 8 race event made up in a U certificate race night dvd film with personalised snail names and race names and sponsors names added. Slip along if you can. Update: 41 turned out for the fun night and £530 was raised. Well done!

Testimonial: "Great night's fun enjoyed by all." Maurice McBride

Total Raised: £532

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Catch the Pigeon Funrace: Blow Home, Supachap, Fernando, Ben, Snap Happy , Slow Poke, Still a Virgin, Scrittipoliti
Race No.2 - Simply The Best Grand National: Tubby Toby, Passing Wind, Alonso, C.L.J., Slow Coach, Slow Mo, Purple Flyer, Slippy Joe
Race No.3 - The Coffee Bean Stakes: Turbo Tom, Slippery Sam, Black Thunder, Hercules, Super Slug, Sally Slowcoach, White Lightening, The Beast
Race No.4 - The Big Willie Gold Cup: Lindsay Locomotion, Jack Flash, Crofties Comber Spud, Hop Along Cassidy, U'Snail Bolt, Big Pete Smelly Feet, Full Snail Ahead, Betty Blue
Race No.5 - The Toye Stakes: Toye Native, Wot a Shot, Baps + Tay, Tullyveery Lass, Frenchmans Fancy, Befab Bullet, Befab Brave, Fast Lady
Race No.6 - The Grumpy Granda Steeplechase: Slippery Sam, Big Dickie, Creeko, Ozzie's Boy, El Rios, Luke Snailwalker, Mr Tumble, Lounging Lennie
Race No.7 - Mace Handicap: Wet & Slippy, Fast Maggie , Clay Buster, Hole in One, Pussy Galore, Quick Shell, Jelly Fish, Palmerston
Race No.8 - McBrides Oil Slippery Stakes: Slimy Sid, Salt Dodger, Auld Slippy!, King Kelly, Panal Muss, Afro Jack, Speedy J, Silly Wee Snail
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Herbie McVeigh: Herbie McVeigh , Herbie McVeigh, Frank Gibson, Sam Martin, Nigel Jameson, Jim Crockard , A Dick, A Lightbody
Race No.2 - K.L.R.S.C.: Lada Moucka, Lada Moucka, Roberta Adair, Lois Moucka, Belle Porter, Roland Adair, Cheryl Martin, Ryan Adair
Race No.3 - Hugh Coffey: Arthur Dick, Claire Coffey, Hugh Coffey, Hugh Coffey, Emma Coffey, Julie Coffey, Hugh Coffey, Hugh Coffey
Race No.4 - Wilmer McBride: Jacqueline Lindsay, Jack McKeag, Karl Crawford, Rob & Anne Cassidy, Jack & Brooke McKeag, Pete Brown, Mark& Johnene McKeag, Betty McBride
Race No.5 - Jim Lindsay: Ian Lindsay, Ian Lindsay, Ian Lindsay, Ian Lindsay, Mark Lindsay, Mervyn Elliott, Mervyn Elliott, Frank Gibson
Race No.6 - Maurice McBride: Avril Cree, Wilmer McBride, Sam Cree, Oscar McBride, Ellie McBride, Riley McBride, Terry Bailie, Joan Bailie
Race No.7 - Winston Maguire: Jim French, Richard Marshall, D W Smyth, F Hamilton, J Bond, Basil Hamilton, J Bond, A Hughes
Race No.8 - Denis McBride Lubricants: Craig Wylie, Deborah Wilson, Paul Cassidy, Peter Kelly, Richard Wylie, Kenny Jackson, Jason Cassidy, Sylvia Cassidy
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