Community Fundraising Cleveland, USA

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Ampol Hall, Cleveland, USA, Cleveland, United States

In Aid of: Old Brooklyn Community Development

Notes: 120 people turned out for this community fundraising event in Cleveland Ohio. Ordered was an 8 race event in a 'U' film category for a family audience. The race night DVD film was produced in NTSC for compatability with USA DVD players. Everyone enjoyed the show and a total of US $ 3500.00 was made at the event . Further money was made on raffles and sideboards.

Testimonial: “Everyone had a blast at our snail race in Cleveland OH! We so appreciate how professional and helpful the staff at Fundeo were from start to finish And we’re looking forward to another snail race fundraiser in 2014.” Jayme Lucas-Bukszar

Total Raised: £2,285

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