Sponsored Fundraising Race Night Watford

Event Date: 12 July

Event Type: Race Night

Venue: The Snail Drome, White House , Watford, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Emily Hatchett Broadway Fundraiser - Event sponsored by Ansell Bookmakers

Notes: A 15+ age category event with names and sponsors names added. A great fun event with some great snail names.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Envelope Supply Co. Shuffle: Speedy Gonzales, Slippery Shirl, Super Cynthia, Blue Lobster, Berks Baps, Red Rum, Oops Wrong Way, Frankie Desnail
Race No.2 - Imagine Estates Derby: Lambo, Mrs T, Nik, Brian, Speedy Gonzales, Shergar, Shell Gar, Nicky
Race No.3 - Strong But Delicate Challenge: Quickie, If I don, Hendos Wh*re (censored), Festers B*tch (censored), Oscar, Rocket, SS Car Go Fast, Michelle Sonmeback
Race No.4 - The My News National: 3 Chins, Ferrari, Ralphie Mouse, I always come first, Hels Bells, Grandmas Favourite, Slippery When Wet, Dorset Drunk
Race No.5 - Ginder Memorial Dash: Martins Marvel, Pole Dancer, Gary, I am a big woofter, Peshwar-Smythe, Go Millie, Jeanie G, Frikadelle
Race No.6 - Calderpeel Crawl: Snarl, Speedy Sneezy, Lovely Girl, I am an idiot, Lightning, Peters Delight, Ayrton Senna, Ryans Ninja
Race No.7 - Statco Steeplechase: Tarquin, Slekke, Shannons Bubbles, Khaleesi, Annette Noblet, Go Dot, Naked Librarian, Ginders on the Go
Race No.8 - Classic Envelope Shimmy: Shall we Dance, Pin Pam Poentje, Mr T, Brian, Shell Shock, Hatchetts Pride, Gorgeous George, Escargot
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Sue Hale: Phillip Poynter, Alison Taylor, Cynthia Hall, Mick Burder, Claire Berke, Lynda Hatchett, Lisa Allen, Phil Hayes
Race No.2 - Mike Cole: Lewis H & Helen S, Linda Topping, Stuart Falconer, Kevin Delastie, Ricky Veale, Lynda Hatchett, Phil Hayes, Nicky Hall
Race No.3 - Steve Hatchett: Agata Poynter, Gary Scarff, Dave Henderson, Mike Cole, Marcia Brightman, Lynda Hatchett, Daniel Ginder, Liz Treadaway
Race No.4 - Nik Allen: Alex Parlato, Hoss Mahdavi, Daniel Ginder, Luke Robb, Helen Tuffery, Lynda Hatchett, Tom Comer, Lisa Gratte
Race No.5 - Danile Ginder: Martin Hall, Michael Zielinski, Katherine Hayes, John Perry, Glenn Smith, Lynda Hathcett, Daniel Ginder, Eric Sohle
Race No.6 - Ewan Miller: Mary Lally, Lisa Gratte, Denise Sohle, Simon Binns, Miranda Ford, Lynda Hatchett, Daniel Ginder, Ryan Hall
Race No.7 - Tony Hatchett: Alex Chaplin, Eric Sohle, Shannon Hall, Gemma O'Neill, Tom McBride, Lynda Hatchett, Beverley Small, Daniel Ginder
Race No.8 - Steve Hatchett: Caroline Hatchett, Denise Sohle, Malcolm Topping, Simon Tomlins, Carl Robertson, Lynda Hatchett, Eddie Hall, Leslie Buckoke
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