Fundraising Snail Night Comber Co Down

Event Date: 12 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Comber Rec, Comber, Co. Down, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Ballydrain Harriers Fundraiser

Notes: An 8 snail racing race night in a 15+ age group category race night dvd with snail names, sponsors names, race names and race sponsors names added. Promises a great night for a grand cause with slippery slimy snail mayhem and Guinness to boot- don't miss out! Update: 70 turned out and had a night of great fun and they raised £600 too!

Total Raised: £600

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - CCC Junk Yard Derby: Dosey Rosi, Elmur Thud, Rocket Raymond, G-force Glen , Big Bad Brian, Mother Mary, Mrs Beep Beep, Forest the Flyer
Race No.2 - Dash Direct: Dozy Dave, Krazy Kevin, Robert The Bruce, Turbo Trevor, Shellborn de Run, Always Fallen, Richard Lionheart, Hanna
Race No.3 - The Premier Steeplechase: Princess Peppa, Luke Skywalker, Flash, Sauvignon Blanc, Pride of Ballyhenry, Ready Steady Slow, Go Macca, Danny Boy
Race No.4 - The Snail Lextrics: Escar Go, With snail and I , The Sailinator, Snither herenorthere, Brian, Hard as snails, Snail and pace, Good with garlic
Race No.5 - The Slippery Sprint: Half a Biscuit , Other half o Biscuit, Hurry Harriet, Bombshell, Slimey, Twinkle, Whizz, Cecil
Race No.6 - Fresh Veg Champion Chase: Blazing Barney, Lightening Bolt, Suarez, Jumpin Jack, Malcolm, Dashing Sammy, Super Slow, Thomas The Tank
Race No.7 - Sammy's Snail Trail: Shellgar, White Lightening, Good with Garlic, Snail Blazer, Wear the Fox Hat, Ruby Ritchie , Wonder Snail, Dosi Snail
Race No.8 - Rehabilitate Rumble: Sammy Shin Splints, Fatlock Fred, Dodgey Calf Colin, Gilmore, Rub Down Rosi, Heather Hamstring, Metatarsal Mark, Mouser
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Comber Commercial Centre: Rosi Earney, Mark Earney, Raymond Stanex, Glenn Pickering, Brian Rutherford, Mary Rutherford , Heather Stanex, Evelyn Rutherford
Race No.2 - Mash Direct: Linda Adams, Gary Adams, Rob Elliot, Lester, Gary Armstrong, Joan Adams, Richard Hamilton, Gary Hanna
Race No.3 - Premier Sports: Caitlin Shields, James Shields, Gordon McConnell, Marie McConnell, Ian Shields, Claire Shields, Stephen McConnell, Chrissy McConnel
Race No.4 - JM electrics: John Moore, Julia Moore , Heather Smyth, James Smyth, Daniel Moore , Martin Ritchie, Kelley Tompsett, David Tompsett
Race No.5 - McBride Lubricants: Carol Mottram, Aileen McBride, Claire McBride, Robin Wilson, Lawrence McBride, Barbara McBride, Stephen McBride, Nichola McBride
Race No.6 - Horners Farm Shop: Phil Gilmore, Michael Gilmore, Ricky Gilmore, Alec Gilmore , Ali Wilson, Colin Earney, Ali Gilmore, Colin Stevenson
Race No.7 - Sam McMinn: Avril Neill, Amanda Perry, Ashley Neill, Claire Smyth, Paddy Ritchie, Anne Marie Ritchie, Claire Smyth, Mark Earney
Race No.8 - Pure Physio Clinic: Kirstin Haslett, Keith Haslett, Mike McKimm, Sheelagh McKimm, Margaret Haslett, Trevor Haslett, Charlie Haslett, Claire McBride
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