Cricket Club Fundraising Tunbridge Kent

Event Date: 28 March

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Speldhurst Village Hall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Cricket Club Fundraiser

Notes: An 8 race snail racing event in a 15+ age category production race night dvd with snail names personalised and called out by our talking parrot Peedy and with personalised race names. Fundeo's molluscan mayhem is sure to knock everybody for six -slip along if you can to enjoy the fun. Update: event was enjoyed by all.

Testimonial: "Great night. Certainly something different." Mike Jeffreys

Total Raised: £250

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - We Are Snailing: Tom Snaily, Adam West, The Snail Rider, Slime Every Mountain, Marlon Brando, Shellraiser, Dwain Chambers, Snail Gun
Race No.2 - The Roopers Rush: Orca Snail, Orson Welles, Withsnail, Hashlime Amla, Jimmy Snail, Norman Snailer, Royal Snail, Mishell Obama
Race No.3 - All To No Asnail: Brettles, Bertie, Wedgwood, Faye, Chuff, Shell Stacker, Slimed Lightning, Mr Cool
Race No.4 - The Shelldhurst Sprint: Shellboy, Killer Snail, Shellow Grave, Alpha Snail, Richard Burton, Snailing Your Colour, Optimus Slime, Lance Armstrong
Race No.5 - The Ferbies Filly Furlong: Shellbow, Brian, Hilary Mantshell, Slimefast, No More Snails, Snail Stone, Slime Soda, Snail Sedaka
Race No.6 - St Mary's Mile: Shellbent, False Snail, Britney Smears, Snail Caesar, Nigel, Circle Of Shell III, Snail Boat, Snail Fairbrother
Race No.7 - The Furzefield Free For All: Ben Johnson, Shellton John, Slimy Pickens, Snail Bar, Keyslime Pie, Usnail Bolt, Snail File, Slime Rib
Race No.8 - The Old Chase's Fart: Edward Shellgar, Escargordon, Inzamam Ul Haq, Shell Nino, Snaily Thompson, Epic Snail, Blowing A Snail, Shell Shell Cool J
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