Hospice Fundraising Race Night Keighley Yorks

Event Date: 3 May

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The 3 Acres Pub, Keighley, W Yorks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: In Memory of Steven Adams - Manorlands Hospice

Notes: An 8 race snail racing night with personalised snail names and sponsors names added. This is a community fundraiser in the function room of the pub in memory of Steven Adams to raise funds for the Manorlands Hospice. The dvd is made up on a U category race night dvd for family entertainment. After a very sad time we are hoping that our snail racing will help raise the spirits of those who attend and raise some valuable funds for a deserving cause. Good luck everyone and have fun!

Total Raised: £1,200

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The 3 Acres 'Steaks': The Bogs Dollocks, Sexy lady, mighty mouth mitchel, jinky johnson, cunny funt, laa laa, bob, maddy moo
Race No.2 - patterdale, up your pipe: clown fish, ethel, king kenny, john, usain jayne, the ghost, tatlock junior, turn the tables
Race No.3 - charlie andrews gold cup: sweaty sally, shae, shae , lily, dopey the dwarf, janet, heed, john dixie dean, lady goo goo, ronnie & reggie
Race No.4 - The diamond darby : Basher Child, Big Frank Conroy, Hook Foff, 'Thank You!!!!', Derek, Brian the Snail, Big Ben, Scotch Bluebell
Race No.5 - fillies mile: scotch smurf, lily, christine , polar express, ebby doodles, hendrick dreadlocks, ocd, chas boy
Race No.6 - sausage jockey hurdle: ian, jolly, toothless wonder, hallie wallie, he's got crabs, helllllllooooo shan, olive, jack flash
Race No.7 - claret stakes: pansy, king kenny, mimi hughes, harry boy, dipsy, paul, tidy tina, tatlock
Race No.8 - breakfast cup: reggie & ronnie, mr speed, mad murdo, rose, paula, turbo tom, lou's pride, lulu
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Jayne Hudson: mark hudson, joyce, gary mitchell, harry hughes, barrie, charlotte, sean taylor, big lil
Race No.2 - malcolm child: emma hudson, debbie hughes, harry hughes, barney, jayne hudson, casper, michelle, DJ phill
Race No.3 - malcolm child: joyce, big lil, lucy, barney, angie hughes, harry hughes, ebony, rick
Race No.4 - angie hughes: Malcolm Child, Angie Hughes, Mark Hudson, Jayne Hudson, Debbie Hughes, Maureen Hudson, Joyce, Big Lil
Race No.5 - the goose eye brewery: caroline hughes, barney, sean taylor, tim, big lil, harry hughes, marcel, malcolm
Race No.6 - leadbeaters butchers: barney, joyce, grahame, big lil, joe, shannon, che sadler, jason
Race No.7 - martinez wines: debbie hughes, harry hughes, big lil, harrison sadler, adrianne, sean taylor, joyce, mick j
Race No.8 - the riverside cafe: james, emily, harry hughes, debbie hughes, barney, tom hudson, gemma andrew, debbie hughes
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