Military Social Race Night Chivenor

Event Date: 8 August

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: RMB Chivenor Sgts Mess, Barnstaple, Yorks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Good Fun at a Military Games Night Function

Notes: A military games night fun function event which was a great success. Though a 'U' certificate the personalised snail names did not quite fit !

Testimonial: "Many thanks guys. Always a great night!" Billy Murphy

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Snail Le Tour: Coombes Dog, Handyman Owen, Big Nose Sticky, Lord Jolion, Electric Ely, Matthews Jonny Utah, Sh*t (censored) Dits Sanders, P*ss it up Pete (censored)
Race No.2 - The RHQ Gold Cup: The Davetron, Ice Pick Thommo, The Spammertron, Bashful Bez, Personality Betts, T Acid Attack, S and M Smudge, Tickler Tompkins
Race No.3 - The Dirty Derby: Diet Cooney, Racy Raasch, Uncle Angove, Angry Aitchison, Lips Davies, Honkin Hosken, Tight A**e Jim (censored), Saucy Stockdale
Race No.4 - The Gold Shell: Horrible Humphries, Pervy Prestedge, Crazy Clackers , Moaning Massam, Grimey Grimshaw, Drill Bit Dawkins, Fingers Murdeson, Wild Dog Wolfy
Race No.5 - The RMB Chivenore Chase: Average Anders, Wheels Off Murphy, Moaning Morgan, Admin B Chambers, Jazzy Jenkinson, Grizzly Gaffers, Needy Needham, El Tell Brennan
Race No.6 - The G4 Cup: Terrible Tag, Ballsy Bully, Gorgeous Goody, Barmy Barr Diver, Devilish Dunny, Boring Bawden, Peado Walters, Grouchy Greetham
Race No.7 - The LTG Massacre: Big Boring Burns, Airfield Flyby Frisby, Audacius Al Dyer, Charlie Chaplin, Mad Dog McGuinness, Malnutritioned Murray, Big Ballsy Bully, Devilish J Dyer
Race No.8 - The Fishy Finale: Lightening LT, Broken Bridgeman, Maraudering Mallison, Bobby Dazzler, Yellow Smudge, Carpets Wilton, Rotund N*tsack (censored), Giggling Gurung
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