New Year Party Roach Racing Bury

Event Date: 31 December

Event Type: Roach Racing

Venue: Private House, Bury, Lancs, United Kingdom

In Aid of: New Year Eve Party Fun

Notes: New Years Eve Party with snail names and sponsors names added and race names and race sponsors toomade up on a 15 + age category DVD.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Hyper Hendos Hurdles: Rampaging Ronnie, Joey Essex, Aloysius, Timone, Dangerous Dennis, Niamh, Clarabel, Ant
Race No.2 - Raunchy Randys Romp : Crunch, Santa, Killer Roach, Dave, Eaten Alive, Thomas, Bugs Life, Aguero
Race No.3 - Jackos Jurassic Jumps: Fierce Fergie, Dwayne, Ralf, Paddy Roach, Speedy, Step Lightly, Tebi, Approach the Roach
Race No.4 - Kernies Comic Capers Chase: Oh so slow, Saddam, Edmund, Leroy, John, Cousin Rowdy, Pumba, Conquering Cockroach
Race No.5 - Farrelly Frolicks Furlong: Racing Roach, Colin the Cockroach, Munch Bunch, Osama, Rudolf, Clarence, Negredo, Crack
Race No.6 - We: Gonzalas, Gorgeous Gladys, Cock of the North, Inuendo, Dec, Isla, Henroach, Bruce
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Hyper Hendos: Carl Farrelly, Joe Kernaghan, Harry Wells, Niall Wild, Dave Jackson, Sharon Beech, Karen Randerson, Jill Smalley
Race No.2 - Raunchy Randersons: Nathan Randerson, Elaine Jackson, Nick Henderson, Tom Felton, Julie Kernaghan, Paul Cannon, Laura Farrelly, Andy Smalley
Race No.3 - Jumping Jacksons: Joe Kernaghan, Matty Testa, Jake Alston, Mike Kernaghan, Andy Randerson, Alex Henderson, Sharon Beech, Elaine Henderson
Race No.4 - Comical Kernies: Matt Kernaghan, George Hull, Harry Wells, Matty Testa, Tom Felton, Jake Alston, Niall Wild, Alex Henderson
Race No.5 - Frollicking Farrellys: Carl Farrelly, Nick Henderson, Matt Kernaghan, George Hull, Elaine Jackson, Karen Randerson, Andy Smalley, Nathan Randerson
Race No.6 - Shed Bound Smalleys: Andy Randerson, Dave Jackson, Mike Kernaghan, Steve Henderson, Jill Smalley, Paul Cannon, Mary Henderson, Laura Farrelly
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