Party Race Night St Boswells Borders

Event Date: 19 October

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: St Boswells British Legion, Melrose, Borders, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Good Fun Party Night

Notes: A 15+ age group snail race night dvd with 8 fun races and snail names, race names and snail sponsors names added. A repeat from last year steered by Fundeo snail racing veteran Marc Bedwell.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Slater Hurdle: Shrek, Rusty Dusty, The Squaw, Caroline, Let Carg Go, Dynamite Den, Flash, Amys Angel
Race No.2 - The Lawnmower Handicap: Bosells Bull, Aulddogfortheroad, My Face, Nae Idea, Curl up and Dye, Jumping John, Snailetrix, St Boswells Flyer
Race No.3 - The Painters Dash: Tara Wara, Big Jack Knew, Shell Shocked, Hit It!!!, Usnail Bolt, Superpiekingofstats, Turbo, Frankel
Race No.4 - The Twisted Spanish Stakes: vacant shell, One Speed, Billys Rascal, L, Calanna, Dangerous Dave, Team Boe, The Slash
Race No.5 - Curl up and Dye Handicap Chase: Vacant, Green Snail, Off Target, Granny, Swints Favourite, Kevin, Firemans Pole, Vacant no 2
Race No.6 - Legion Sprint Auction Race: Winnies Pole, Snake Hips Minty, Long Haired Lover, The Bosells Bike, The Lazy Barman, Buccleuch Banger, Dryburgh Donkey, Oh Moikel
Race No.7 - The Comb and Scissors Stakes: Target, The Melrosian, Bingo Wings, Hibs are Muck, Welsh Wizard, Stone the Crows, Muzzled, Sami
Race No.8 - The Final Fling Auction Sprint: Simply the Best, Green Machine, Is your Mother Well, Maroon Marvel, Springfield Flyer, Weirgate Wonder, Hopeful Horace, Jesse Rae
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - John Butler Roofing: Paul Thomson, Linda Wood, Billy Minto, Craig Hogg, Alan Hunter, Dennis, Roseanne, Keith Richardson
Race No.2 - St Boswells Mowers: Barry Wood, Garry Wood, Calum Todd, Damon Henderson, Carol Hunter, John fae Gala, Scott Leitch, Brian Lumley
Race No.3 - J & J Tait Painters: Alison Hewitt, Steven 3legs Laidlaw, John Dickson, Marc Bedwell, Mike Young, Steven Makepeace, Russell Hunter, Mike Barrie
Race No.4 - Border Slate Supplies: no owner, Ian Hunter, Billy Minto, Kim Wood, Brian McGowan, Dave Johnson, Ryan Borthwick, Scott Turnbull
Race No.5 - Carol Hunter: for sale, Ian Harrison, Frankie Holisz, Margaret and Me, George Swinton, Mary Hunter, Gordon Scott, for sale
Race No.6 - St Boswells Legion: , , , , , , ,
Race No.7 - Trends Hair Studio: Mike Howell, Drew Scott, Christine and Janice, Calum Todd, Gwyn Davies, Alan Hunter, Trish and Margaret, Alan Smith
Race No.8 - St Boswells Legion: , , , , , , ,
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