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Race Night Poster Templates  

Build and make a race night poster. To quickly produce a poster for your race night, simply click on a sample poster illustration below to download a poster template in 'Word' to your desktop. Then personalise it, delete the race night images which do not apply (add your own if you wish), make adjustments to the text and remaining race night image size and when you are ready, print it out. To make an image to upload online, just print it out and scan it, or take a screenshot - we recommend the PickPick tool.

Dog race night poster download  Horse race night poster download

Snail race night poster download  Roach race night poster download

Collection of Sponsors

If you don't wish to use a Fundeo Shop to collect your sponsors and are to happy type them into your race night order yourself - instead of importing them all at once, then please click on the image below to download a sponsorship collection form.


Virtual Race Nights with a Shop on 'Do Virtual'

Getting a Fundeo Shop on the 'Do Virtual' platform will make everything so easy for all your virtual race nights whether on Zoom or live at a venue. The image below illustrates how a shop can be used to collect sponsorships, the auction runners in the last race, and hold and manage a virtual tote table.

Live, Combi and Virtual Race Night - How to