Football Club Presentation Night Banbury

Event Date: 8 June

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: The Spencer Stadium, Banbury United FC, Banbury, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Banbury United Youth FC Under 9 Presentation Evening

Notes: A 'U' certificate event for family viewing with 6 races of escargot mayhem and personalised snail names and sponsors names added.

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Banbury United Youth Chase: Cam, Le Tiss, Bennie, Minty, The Joker, Alvin, Bullseye, Hulk
Race No.2 - L'escargot: The Biter, Jimmy, Saint Grellan, Spod, McIlroll, Wayne Rooney, Roy, Four-tastic
Race No.3 - Piston Broke: Ooh Aah, Twinkle, Luke, Ronaldo, Stewart Downing, Tommie, Bob 2, Pound a bowl
Race No.4 - The Grand Smashional: Dominic, Hazard, The Last Line, Jake, Ronaldo, Joe Cool, Roxy, Suarez
Race No.5 - Norfolk and Chance: Cracker, Messi, Frederick, #36, Suarez, The Financial Times, Rooney, Green Army
Race No.6 - The Dewain Clarke Handicap: Arsenal, Manchester United, Banbury United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Nottingham Forest, England
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - BUFC: Josh Hunter, Matthew Dollochin, Aaron Speke, Callum Moon, Marlie Popoola Adkins, Dave Speeke, Dave Dollochin, Lucas Hunter
Race No.2 - Puritans Parents: Isaac, Toby Milford, Ben Lally, Richard King, Jack Nike, Max, Harvey Smith, Louie Evans
Race No.3 - United Coaches: Craig Wise, Kyle Bates, Sol Grant, Dan, Nathan, Kallum King, Noah Goode, Ryan Holmes
Race No.4 - Greg Moon: Ollie Upton, Kyle D, Jonathon Gough, Layton Wise, Kyran Carpenter, Joe Colligan, Amanda Speke, Kyle W
Race No.5 - Smart Autos : Jacob Hawes, Reece, Zack Loman, Archie Twelvetrees, Kelan McConnon, Freddie Tyzack, Ryan, Dylan Phillips
Race No.6 - The Chairman: Auction Winner 1, Auction Winner 2, Auction Winner 3, Auction Winner 4, Auction Winner 5, Auction Winner 6, Auction Winner 7, Auction Winner 8
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