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news icon3. Press Release


Create some buzz by informing the local media that you have partnered with the Fundeo Racing scheme.

A press release is a great tool for increasing awareness of the partnership, especially in your local area. Simply download and adapt the document below to boost your chances of getting someone to raise money for your charity with a Fundeo race night.

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Some Press releases tips:

 - Journalists prefer stories that come with an image - if you can, take a picture of all the winning sponsors of the snails - or of a prize being presented to one by a race sponsor, or of everyone's faces as they cheer on the runners in the last race.

 - A race night case study will almost guarantee coverage - if someone holds a charity race night, ask them why they did it. You may uncover a beautiful story.

 -  Journalists love attention grabbing headlines.  The press release we've provided has a rather basic title (even though snail racing itself will attract attention).  Try to make one which will grab people's attention e.g. 'Snails to the Rescue . . ',  'Molluscan Mayhem Raises Valuable Funds'... It all helps to get your story noticed.