Promotion Race Night

Fundeo Snail Racing Race Night Interval Animations

All of Fundeo’s Race Night packs are personalised which facilitates their use for business promotions.

A race night to raise funds for the ‘XYZ Charity’ will for have “in aid of XYZ Charity’ printed on the betting tickets and race cards - and displayed on the screen throughout the whole event raising its profile.  The same opportunity presents for the race names and the runners names.  These are also printed on the paperwork, displayed on the screen and our talking parrot even calls them out during his presentation. 

There is also the opportunity to have scrolling text messages incorporated into the production to convey messages and large logo (or name) animations for personalised branding.  Examples are shown below (click the video thumbnail to play):

Promotional items - promotional products -sampleBoth animation types can be ordered as a standard optional extra during the ordering process. This service is popular with corporates, charity organisations, users of our Multi-Event packs and venue chains hosting numerous events.

Once an animation has been made we will incorporate it free of charge into further race night dvd's - with the client's authority - for that cause. So for example if we have a logo animation for a particular charity we can add it free to any production for volunteers raising money for that charity. 

Fundeo can also incorporate customers' films and TV advertisements into our race night productions and develops online gaming products and apps for mobile phones. Please contact us to obtain a quotation. 

See how to organise a race night, whether or not for fundraising, by clicking the 'How to Race Night' button below, or see our 'Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator' , see our 'getting started' page or visit our online shop to personalise and order your pack.

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