Club Fundraising Angus

Event Date: 19 November

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: British Legion Hall, Newtyle, Forfar, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Newtyle United Football Club

Notes: An 8 race fundeo night of snail racing with names personalised and race names and sponsors all personally introduced by our virtual compere. Slip along for a great night a family event in a U age category film production. UPDATE: 70 turned out for a great fundeo night rated excellent / very good all round and with £600 raised from our wonderful fundraising product!

Testimonial: "Easy to use and great entertainment value. Raised a great amount for the team." Shona M.

Total Raised: £600

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Caddam Cup: Water Bottle, The Mighty Mo, Geordie Rocket, Crazy Kaza, Rocky Road, Greedy Gregorz, Run away Road, Heads & Snails
Race No.2 - Ticos Trials: Eat my Slime, Turbo, Roxann, Smelly Hat, Cheeky Charlie, Speedy Strawberry, Slippery Zelia, Fuzzy Muzzy
Race No.3 - The Light It Up Cup: Spud Gun Bawbag, Trailing Behind, Rhys the Maddie, Horrible Haraldo, Beauty, Crazy Chris7, Get The Puck, Slimy Struball
Race No.4 - The Wuthering Heights Cup: Mr Magoo, Mummy, Ree the Bee, Sidley Trotter, Million Dollar Snail, Maze Runner, Boisterous Bob, Smoove Move
Race No.5 - The Sparkle Shine Cup: Doug The Slug, Lightning McShell, Hurry up Min, Craig Gordon, Quehol, Dode, Jumping Josh, The Mini Assassin
Race No.6 - Squeaky Clean Cup: Turbo, Slow Coach, Go Escargot, No.1 UNO, Crazy Calum, Hop Along, War Fox, Coastal Road
Race No.7 - McKenna: Whip Lash, Speedy Wonder, Super Steam, Timmy, Toon Turbo, Bawbag Spud Gun, Spongebob Snailpants, Turbo
Race No.8 - Stane Dyke Shield: Little Dillo, Escargot Gussy, Snailed It, Snail Danger, Lightning McTavish, Charlie Bhoy, Murdo's Muppet, Snozzy Ozzy
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Caddam Construction: Connor Anderson, Shea Dillon, Kai McLellen, Gill Sword, Rholmark, Izabella, Rhidian, Diane Strachan
Race No.2 - Mollison Construction: Ed Woods, Erin McWilliam, Ann Stott, Connor Anderson, Murdo Hastie, Callum Martin, Max McDonald, Muzzy Donaldson
Race No.3 - Ericht Electrical: Brendan Hughes, Reece Kerrigan, Rhys Fotheringham, Harry Nicholson, Kim Woods, Lisa Hutchison, Kian Martin, Derek Sword
Race No.4 - Perth Scaffolding: Brian Lavery, Olivia Fotheringham, Steve Ree, Colin Sidley, Jim Stott, Ben Martin, Angus Palmer, Derek Robson
Race No.5 - Sparkle & Shine: Muzzy Donaldson, Angus Palmer, Fraser Donaldson, Rhys Fotheringham, Marcin, George Nicholson, Josh Ireland, Ryan Martin
Race No.6 - Mike Duncan Window Cleaning: Shea Dillon, Jenny Goodacre, Stewart Davidson, Shari Sidley, Calum Ireland, Rhys Fotheringham, Rholmark, Rhidian
Race No.7 - McKenna Barbers: Lesley Robson, Graham Goodacre, Lorraine Hutchison, Max McDonald, Craig McLellen, Fiona Hughes, Suzanne Logan, Ethan Kidd
Race No.8 - Dave Brown Dry Stone Dyker: Shea Dillon, Gus Donaldson, Liam McLean, Stewart Davidson, Ethan McWilliam, Steve Ree, Murdo Hastie, Ethan Kidd
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