How to Race Night using Donations

Method sometimes used in the USA, Canada and Australia

Here we will demonstrate how to organise a fundraising race night with 'donations' a method sometimes used in some States of the USA, Canada and Australia where the local law for small lotteries can be confusing (in the United Kingdom the Money method is normally used instead).  We will demonstrate how to raise over US $3000 in just a couple of hours starting with absolutely nothing!   Hold on to your shells 'cos here we go!

Sources of Funds 

There are five main fundraising sources for the race right, three before the event: Donations' for Race sponsorship,  runner sponsorship and for Admission tickets; and two at the event: 'Donations' for Fun Money and Lucky Dip tickets.

Step 1: Race Sponsors, naming the races and prizes

club funds raisingAction: Your team encourage local businesses to support your fundraising effort by sponsoring and naming one of the races. You also ask them to donate a prize for the sponsor of the winning runner in their race. Perhaps a 'gift voucher' or a sample of their produce.  You point out that:

 - their name and race name will be on the screen, the betting tickets and race cards
 - their name and race name will be called out by Peedy Parrot (optional)
 - they will be provided with a VIP table at the event and free tickets for 8 guests (optional)

Result: You received sponsorship $50 per race and a small prize for the sponsor of the winning runner.  Other businesses donated prizes for the auction at the end of the event.

Congratulations! Your fundraising is underway - you have raised $400 funds and have some great prizes to auction at the event..

Note:  For prestigious events and larger organisations you can ask for a fixed sum of from $100 to say $500 for sponsorship of a race.  If the event is for entertainment then you can simply make up fun names for the races and sponsors.  A VIP (very important person) table is a table with a VIP card on it and perhaps a complimentary bottle of wine. 


Step 2: Runner sponsors and naming the runners

church fund raisedAction: Your team encourage friends and colleagues to sponsor and name a runner to support your fundraising. You allocate this task to 8 people - getting each to find sponsors for the 8 runners in a race. You point out to each sponsor that:

 - their name and runner name will be on the screen, the betting tickets and race cards
 - Peedy Parrot will call out their runner name and name (optional)
 - they will receive a prize if their runner wins the race

Result: Well done!  You got 64 runners sponsored at $10 each, raising another $640.

Your fundraising event is looking good.You have now raised a total of $1040.

Note: Print out a sponsorship collection form  for each race from our brochures & resources page.   $10 is common to name and sponsor a runner. Though a fully personalised pack is preferable you can also order a less expensive pack and ask everyone to sponsor a runner already named by Fundeo.  The 'default' names are shown in the race card information sheets on our brochures & resources page.  If your event is just for entertainment you could just make up fun names for the runners yourself.  


Step 3: Pay for your Race Night

school funds raisedAction: Fundeo's Race Night packs are priced from $85* but for the sake of this demo, we'll assume that you order our largest and most personalized pack at $186*. This provides everything you need.  We will also assume you order 1000 off Fun Money bills at $40,  100 admission tickets at $33 and eight sets of Lucky Dip tickets at $4 giving a total cost of $290.  When you order you will enter your race names, race sponsors, runner names and runner sponsor names during the ordering process.


Result: You pay out $290. Thank you! 

You have now raised $750 funds - from here on it's plain sailing!





Step 4: Admission tickets, posters and advertising

fundraisers eventAction: To ensure good attendance at your fundraising event you:

 - make posters to advertise your Race Night
 - exchange admission tickets for 'donations'
 - advertise your event in your local press (optional)

If you advertise your event please be sure to include any other attractions in the advertisement e.g. food, bar, prizes, fun and point out that each admission ticket holder will receive $10 of fun money for betting at the door.

Result: You sell all of the 100 entrance tickets before the event at $20 and raise $2000.

Congratulations! So far you've raised $2750 funds and there's more to come yet!

Note: Some organisers prefer to ask for a larger 'donation' of say US $40 per ticket with more free 'fun money' at the door, this is best if you think your audience may be more reserved in their attitude to 'betting'.  Keep the entrance cost reasonable to encourage attendance.  You can make up your own posters using a poster template on our brochures and resources page.


Step 5: The 'Betting'

funds raisedAction: At the event you get a member of the audience to break the security seal on the DVD case, then you start the video and get the show moving!

At your 'tote' table, marked with the runners'  ID numbers (provided), your team sell betting tickets in exchange for fun money. You price the tickets at $2 fun money each.  When the betting is closed you use the tabulator form (provided) for adding the total takings for each race, say $400  of fun money, deduct a proportion for the 'bank', say 50% (i.e. $200 fun money), and then divide the remainder (i.e. $200 fun money) equally amongst the winning ticket holders, so with 10 winning tickets that's $20 of fun money each.  It really is that easy!

Result: You started the event with a total of $1000 fun money in circulation.  Some of the players began to run out of fun money by the third race.  These players, anxious to join in the fun, made extra 'donations' in return for more fun money from the bank. Over the evening, you received an extra $600 in 'donations' for the betting i.e. you raised an extra $600 of funds.

Congratulations your event is raking it in.  You've now raised $3350 funds and there's more to come!

Note:  Get our free race night tote payout calculator to help you with the calculations on your tote table. Providing fun money at the start of the event gets the event off to a good start. A minimum of $2 fun money per betting ticket is normal. Don't be tempted to lower the price of the tickets. It just means you'll sell more!  For lighter fundraising hold back a smaller amount of the betting money and at fun events, you could hand back nearly all the takings to the winning ticket holders.

Step 6: 'Lucky Dip' tickets

funds raisedAction: You appoint one person to sell a set of 28 lucky dips in every race. There is only one winning ticket in each set.

Result: You sold the 28 tickets for each race at $4 fun money each and paid the winner $50 fun money.  In total, you took $896 of fun money and paid out $400 keeping $496 fun money for the bank. You did not raise any real money directly from the lucky dips but received extra donations of $200 as a direct result of players wishing to participate.

Congratulations!  You fundraising effort is already a tremendous success. So far you have raised $3550 funds.

Note: The more tickets you sell, the more you drain your audience of fun money and increase demand for more from the bank in exchange for extra 'donations' (see above).






Step 7: Auction of the Prizes

funds raisedAction: Before your event you solicited prizes from local businesses and individuals. You have had these prizes on display throughout your fundraising event, each with a minimum fun money price tag affixed.

After the last race, you auction these prizes to players who bid for them with their fun money winnings. You start the bidding at the minimum price tag value and sell to the highest bidder.

After the auction is completed you soak up any remaining fun money for refreshments at fun money prices.

Result: Congratulations! Some participants donated more money in exchange for fun money to bid in the auction (we choose not to include this sum here).   Everyone had fun bidding on the prizes and the businesses that donated them got their profiles raised in the local community. Well done!







funds raisedYou deserve applause!

 - everyone had fun!
 - the sponsors were delighted!
 - some of the winners got great prizes!
 - a healthy profit was made on the refreshments!
 - you staged a professional fundraising event!
 - everyone wants more Fundeo Racing soon!
 - your fundraising efforts are rewarded - you've raised $3550!









Final Word

Does this sound easy?  Well, it is - but do try to share the work of getting sponsors.

 Whatever happens, we believe that our personalized packs with Peedy the parrot, will make your fundraising easy; allow you to organise a risk-free event and give you the best possible chance to meet your objectives!

Please bookmark this page then use our 'Fundraise Money Race Night Calculator' to plan your event and read our 'getting started' guide.  When ready place your order in our online shop where you can personalise your Race Night pack. Good luck!

* Special Price at time of publishing

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