School Fundraising Midlands

Event Date: 18 January

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Solihull School, Solihull, Solihull, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Solihull School Parents' Association

Notes: A fundraising event for the school in Solihull. All in a U version for family viewing and with the races named and as well as the snails for extra fun as they are introduced by Peedy parrot. Update: The event was well attended as per usual at this annual event with a turnout of 240 people. So much money was raised that it couldnot be counted before #reporting back to us so it was a lot. Everyone thought the whole thing was excellent.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Slippery Slide Stakes: Darting Dickerson, Wandering Wernham, Jogging Jones, Fiesty Fetherstone, Masterful Mollison, Rambling Rice, Athletic Atkins, Supersonic Smith
Race No.2 - The Delicious Derby: Fantastic Freddo, Galloping Galaxy, Crawling Kit-Kat, Trotting Toblerone, Competent Caramel, Cracking Crunchie, Twirling Twirl, Whizzing Wispa
Race No.3 - Mindfulness Medal: Muddling Moule, Persevering Penney, Fumbling Farnan, Left-behind Lloyd, Mighty Morgan, Breakneck Browning, Motoring Middleton, Hasty Humphreys
Race No.4 - Sneaky Snail Snacks: Ambling Apple, Pacing Pear, 'Orrible Orange, Bumbling Banana, Might-make-it Mango, Puffing Pineapple, Striding Strawberry, Kicking Kiwi
Race No.5 - Masters Mayhem: Hopping Houghton, Lethargic Lynch, Super Slow, Prancing Poole, Oh-so-slow O'Malley, Blazing Baker, Meddling Mitchell, Bounding Bernamont
Race No.6 - Fizzy Furlong: Crazy Coke, Sprinting Sprite, Dozing Dr Pepper, Terrible Tango, Plodding Pepsi, Irritating Irn Bru, Lost Lemonade, Fabulous Fanta
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