Race Night - Multi Event Packs

Packs comprise a personalized 'Multi-Event' racing video DVD together with seperately wrapped kits which each contain all the tickets and paperwork for an event. The video DVD is designed for long term repeated use with different audiences. The personalization of the pack can be used to promote and advertize any purpose and venue by (1) careful choice of wording in the 'live from' and 'in aid of' personalization features (generic terms should be used, we can assist if required); (2) naming of the races (perhaps after products and services) and (3) naming the runners' (again perhaps after products and services). In addition we highly recommend the additional options of adding messages as a scrolling text animation, and adding your logo or name as a large animation, both of which are available as optional extras. These packs can be used for entertainment or fundraising. They are ideal for tourist venues, charities, entertainers, cruise ships, pub chains or corporate promotions. If desired customer films and advertisements can be professionally incorporated into the Race Night video DVD. Enquire for details.