Presentation Eve Race Night Shropshire

Event Date: 18 November

Event Type: Fundeo Roach Racing

Venue: The Parish Rooms , Market Drayton, United Kingdom

In Aid of: MDTC Presentation Evening 2017

Notes: A fundeo night of roach racing with 8 cockroach races and the roaches name and introduced by our virtual compere for the evening - Peedy the parrot. Enjoy! UPDATE: 80 people turned up for a great fundeo night with £120 raised for this presentation evening event.

Testimonial: "A great family friendly race evening. The children got very excited over the various 'hazards' and the personalised runner names went down well with everyone!!" Nicola W.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Fundeo Roach Run: Becca Bug, Festering Flynn, Steph-an Edbug, Ruby Roach, Fishbone Philippa, Ella be Bug, Ava Go-Roach , Tomite-o-sauce
Race No.2 - The Cockroach Shuffle: Small 'n' Ter-mighty, Shine a Mite , John McEnroach, Scary Mary, Bjorn Bug, Captain Sparroach, Netti La Cucaracha, Roachel
Race No.3 - The Creepy Crawly Cup: The Flying Scotroach, Caroline Wozniyucky, Monsieur Cafard, Vicious Vicki, Marcock Bugdatis, Coach Roach, Alkuroachi, Faul 'n' Roach
Race No.4 - The Ecoli Caper: Roger Federoach, Campbell's Creeper, Mellor-mite, Peter Croach , Clarkey's Crawler, Roach Runner, Roach Beef, Yorkshire Bug
Race No.5 - The Cockroach Chase: The Turnermiter, MartinaNavroachilova, Banter Bug, Slow Roach, Dicker's Critter , Goolagong Crawley, Cocka Cola, Murray Mite
Race No.6 - The Foot Stomp Squash: Crispy Chris, Stop-Cock Roach , Jarvis Cock-arghh, Mite-E-Manda , Shuttlecock Roach , Ferrero Roacher, Diner Mite, Stage Roach
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