School Fundraiser Bingley Yorks

Event Date: 18 May

Event Type: Snail Night

Venue: Myrtle Park Primary School, Bingley, Yorks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: School Fundraiser

Notes: An 8 race event in a 'U' film category race night DVD with personalised snail names and sponsors added. The event was wellattended with an audience of punters numbering about 175 people.

Testimonial: "We had an amazing night, thank you very much for your professional package. We will be back next year as always!" Victoria Burrows

Total Raised: £1,000

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Cupcake Challenge: James Bond, Stan The Man, Hurry Up Harry, Steady Eddie, Crunch, Rhodes Delight, Spiderman, Outer Michelle
Race No.2 - Move it or Lose It Derby: Snail and Pace, The Shell, Jimmy Snail, Flash Harry, Funny Fast Pants, Silver Trail, Snailextrix, Slimeball
Race No.3 - Strut Your Stuff Stakes: Quicksilver, Last Minute Larry, Bouncing Bert, The Beast, Annakin, Shakin, Turbo Ted, Ivor Snail
Race No.4 - Vroom Vroom Dash: White Lightening, Brian The Brave, Shroom Boom, Stealth Elf, Rosie, Bobsoo, Crusher, Fat Boy Slime
Race No.5 - The Broker World Series: Fancy Footworks, Slither, Super Slug, Slow But Sure, Shelly, Puffing Pete, Twinkle Toes, Slip And Slide
Race No.6 - Passion for Fashion Stakes: Iron Man, Grease Lightening, Snaily There, C U In Spring, Running Bomb, Dimblebum, Splatman, Slowcoach
Race No.7 - The Fix-it Funrace: Rocketman, Super Speedo, Come On Boyo, Sozzled, Buster Gut, Montys Moment, I, Speedy Gonzalez
Race No.8 - The Bedtime Battle: Shooting Stars, Roaring Rockets, Magical Marvel, Clever Cats, Tates Tigers, Fantastic Fours, Ducketts Diamonds, Super Sixes
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Taylormade Treats: Kuba Innes, Poppy Dunne, Annabel Banch, Amelia Rushworth, Ava Stoneman, Olive Rhodes, James Kelly, Kai-Yi Wild
Race No.2 - Move It: Kai Wakefield, Fearne Midgley, Polly Rushworth, Emily Tenney, Sophie Burrows, Jeremy Beck, Joseph Mitchell, Jacob Leach
Race No.3 - Flouncy Flouncy: Emily Firth, Ruby Kellett, The Seedlings, Ruaridh Keenan, Tommy Smith, Libby Slater, Evie & Henry Malish, Mia Walker
Race No.4 - Star Garage: Hannah Sullivan, Elsie Joyce, Zac Bamber, Alfie Wadsworth, Katie Eccles, James Pedley, Ben Innes, Alfie Perry
Race No.5 - Illingworth McNair: Hattie Mallinson, Caitlin, Sophie Bentley, Henry Jackson, Olivia Stoneman, Maisie Dunne, Jess Mitchell, Emily Dewhirst
Race No.6 - Passionfruit Poppy: Jacob Slater, Orla Keenan, Fionn Woodward, Emily Dine, Lily Innes, Ellie Dimbleby, Charlotte Kelly, Georgina Leach
Race No.7 - Tool Central: Eve Midgley, Ted Pedley, Christian Midgley, Daisy Mallinson, Archie Dunne, Archie Binks, Oliver Burrows, Lucy Bentley
Race No.8 - Rainbow Wood: Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
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