School Fundraising Crowborough

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Rotherfield Primary School, Crowborough, Sussex, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Rotherfield Primary School PTA

Notes: This was an 8 race event with snail sponsors names added in a 12+ age group DVD film. It was enjoyed by an adult audience 45 strong. Come back soon Rotherfield Primary School PTA for some more fundraising fun.

Testimonial: "We had a great night! Packed full of drinking, betting, laughing, auctioning and winning prizes. To top it off we raised a lot of money for our school! Thank you Fundeo!" Jon Turner

Total Raised: £626

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Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Milne Class: Leanda Fielding, Monika Sims, Rose Lee, Lynette Yong-Putt, Rebecca Turner, Jon Turner, Eleanor Cawsey, Tanya Lopez
Race No.2 - Andersen Class: Louisa Price, Audrey Nioucel, Simon & Sue Letts, Cassie Davis, Julie Hope, Jamie Rose, Noemie, Caroline
Race No.3 - King-Smith Class: Mel Dolding, Nicola Barnes, Robert Fielding, Nina Buss, Sarah Prince, Lindsay Holmwood, Tracey Napier, Paul Mitchell
Race No.4 - Kipling Class: Tracey Napier, Debbie and Kelly, Peter Shorman, Louise Robertson, Juliette Martin, Mayfield Dental Centre, Roz Nurse, Liz Hiles / Copper Kettle Kitchen
Race No.5 - Tolkien Class: Andrea Butler, Diana Chislet, Mark Wakelin, Katya Hazelden, Louise Horley, Heather Hawkey-Soar, Alison Loxton-Read, Alison Loxton-Read
Race No.6 - The Teachers: Nichola Howroyd, Miss Terry, Sam Miller, Nicola Robertson, Marion Peck, Dagnija Phillips, Kate Bishop, Chris Prince
Race No.7 - Miss Terry Race: Graham Hawkey-Soar, Bibi Dzieglewska, Hayley Benton, Lee Tomlinson, Kirsten Eden, Vanessa Langton, Becky Hunt, Min Rogers
Race No.8 - : , , , , , , ,
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