School Fundraising Peterborough Lincs

Event Date: 18 October

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: The King's School , Peterborough, Lincs, United Kingdom

In Aid of: School fundraising - Finland expedition

Notes: An 8 race pub race night event in the kings head pub to raise money for pupiuls of the Finland tour made up on a 15+ age category event. Some great fun snail and race names and fantastic support by sponsors will make this event. Update: 70 people attended and £800 was raised with an extra £200 from the bar. Enjoyed by all.

Testimonial: "Excellent service, easy to use and a really effective way to raise money. Our crowd really got into the fun of the races." Alison Amp

Total Raised: £800

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Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Abacus Gold Cup: Go Go Escargo, Creased Lightening, Estatic Esmerelda, Royal Mail, J C 1, Effervescent Edward, Sparrow, Pacey
Race No.2 - The Cherry House Steak: Geriatric Jerry, Ooh La La, Mr Dependable, Sidney, Shelly, Ayrton Snail Senna, Snail House Rock, Brian
Race No.3 - Thompson's Slip Streamers: Motionless Mollie, Naughty Nikki, Dynamic Dianne, Pugnacious Peter, Crazy Legs, Nigel, Gonzalez, Hurricane Henry
Race No.4 - Picsoncanvas Crawl: Garlic Butter, Mad Max, Super Slime, Seb, Slow Coach, Mungo Park, Speedy Scarlet, Fat Controller
Race No.5 - Race to the Kitchen: Humphry, Davids Dazzler, S-Car-Go, Ruprecht, Sonic Snail, Stephenson, The Prince of Snails, Eric
Race No.6 - The Titanium Rocket Race: Ayrton Snail Senna 2, Leguminous Lizzie, Stormin Norman, Jetlag Judy, dim gwlithen gragen, Squashed, Prince of Snails, Mansa Musa
Race No.7 - Escargot Go Go Go Stakes: Dasher, Shell Shocked, Eric, Willy, Coyotte, Flukey Lukey, Molly, No Comment
Race No.8 - The Princebuild Stakes: Leonard, Gibby, Double Trouble, Supersonic Celina, Muppet, Barbara, Nelly , Go Gareth Go
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Abacus Tutors, Orton Southgate: Mia Drury, Nic Creasey, Theo Letts, Jo Harris, J C Couriers, Piers Casey, Alistair Jones, Nikki Harris
Race No.2 - The Cherry House, Werrington: Eddie Etheridge, Marie-Line Stephan, Thomas Smith, John & Roe Martin, Katherine Amps, Greta Lowden, Princebuild Ltd, Ian Davis
Race No.3 - Thompson Service Centre: Jerry Jackson, Nikki Wilmot, Dianna Smith, Graham Casey, Nathan Hagerty, NigelAlison Corrigan, Mia McAughtrie, Johanna Jones
Race No.4 - Pics on Canvas - Simon Baker: Yvonne Griffin, Mark Bolton, Alison Amps, Oscar McAughtrie, David Hall, Prof Kevin Macdonald, Tilly Howells, J C Couriers
Race No.5 - Longthorpe Fine Catering: Beth Letts, David Smith, Andy Dunn, Anneka Amos, Suzy Bolton, Jo Harris, Princebuild, Rob & Liz Hallam
Race No.6 - Titanium Fireworks Ltd: Greta Lowden, Ann Casey, Richardson Family, Judy Etheridge, Tilly Howells, Duncan Amps, Sarah Dunn, Dr Rachel Macdonald
Race No.7 - Amps Fine Wines, Oundle: Pauline Hannon, Alison Lloyd, Derek Asplin, Diana Smith, J C Couriers, Luke Hagerty, G & L Sport, Peter Lloyd
Race No.8 - Princebuild: Rosemary Harrison, Jess Amps, Dave & Dawn Haggerty, Celina Worraker, Jill Hall, David Bellamy, J C Couriers, G & L Sport
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