School Fundraising Snail Night Yorks

Event Date: 17 May

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: Myrtle Park Primary School, Bingley, Yorks, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Friends of Myrtle Park Primary School

Notes: An 8 race snail racing event with snails named and sponsors names added and races and race sponsors too. All made up on a U certificate snail racing DVD for family fun. Another great night is to be had by all- just slip along and enjoy molluscan mayhem!

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - A Close Shave: Arthur, Stan the Man, Stephen Darby Baby, Sizzling Sausages, Fluttering Flower, Amazing Alfie, Turbo, Smooth Move
Race No.2 - Passion for Fashion Stakes: Maggie May, Cachow!, Elsa, Conor, Genoli, Snail Speed, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Dynamite
Race No.3 - The Flouncy Flash: Turbo, Super Speedy Sophie, Rushy Robyn, Fast Larry, White Shadow, Tallulah, Obi Wan Kanobi, Move it Morley
Race No.4 - The Cupcake Chase: Speedy Sully, Firth Comes First, Flash, Jogging Jim, Tic Toc, Carnage, Golden Goose, Dash
Race No.5 - The Shoobox Shuffle: Whizzy Walker, Iron Fist, Invincible, Move it Katie, Zoomy, Aslan, Creepy Cleo, Venom
Race No.6 - The Broker Brawl: Slithering Sophie, Speedy, Super Slayer, Smudge, Dobbie 164, Super Glooper, Wait a While Woody, One Way or Another
Race No.7 - The Designer Dash: Invincible, Amazing Grace, Sid the Squid, Kellys Hero, Gertrude, Bouncing Bert, Henry, Diet Coke
Race No.8 - The Star Straight: Shooting Stars, Roaring Rockets, Magical Marvels, Top Cats, Tates Tigers, Fizzy Fours, Mini Mountains, Knowles' Newtons
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