Snail Race Night Newark Notts

Event Date: 1 February

Event Type: Snail Racing

Venue: Flowserve Sports & Social Club, Newark-0n-Trent, Notts, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Newark Orchard School

Notes: A school fundraising snail race night made up on a U category race night DVD with snail sponsors names added. Slip along if you can. Update: 100 people turned out for a great night which raised £1400 and the bar was overwhelmed taking another £1600

Testimonial: "Yet another good night - never fails to attract all ages." Christine Mills

Total Raised: £1,400

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Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - BPH&S Ltd: Chris Bird, Lesley Bird, Matt Bird, Sarah Smith, Nigel Bird, David Bird, Sophie Bird, Greta Bird
Race No.2 - ANDENOR: James, Debbie Reesby, Phil Shaw, Claire Hunsley, Amy Bird, Kyle Reesby, JoJo, James Hunsley
Race No.3 - FARM To FORK Butchers: Hayley Calgel, Lee Reesby, Julie Thine, Beryl Winter, Taylor Thorne, Alan Winter, Mick Winter, Mick Thorne
Race No.4 - Trent P&P Autocare: Carl Birkin, Tim Puplet, Nigel Puplet, Anthony Manley, Keith Liversidge, Jean Liversidge, Jeff Manley, Alex Manley
Race No.5 - Parks & Playgrounds: Graham Henderson, Sally Blankley, David Rouse, Mick Cullen, Matt Gill, Chrissy Mills, Jonno Heath, Baz Mayes
Race No.6 - Flowserve Bowls: Paul Baines, Mark Baker, Dave Cattley, Dave Hossack, Bob Bentley, Kelly Charters, Adam Mills, Nigel Tyler
Race No.7 - Flowserve Sports Club Exec Com: Dave The Oiler, John Mills, Sally Baines, Sammi Briggs-Price, Snaggle, Nick Magowan, Gareth Ball, Lee Barker
Race No.8 - KnowHow FC: , , , , , , ,
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