Scout Fundraising Stoneleigh Surrey

Event Date: 1 March

Event Type: Roach Racing

Venue: Fancourt Hall, Stoneleigh, Surrey, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Warspite Sea Scout Group

Notes: An 8 race roach night with personalised roach names and sponsors names added, extra betting tickets and lucky dips made up on a '15' age category race night dvd. Get along and watch these inane invertebrate roaches run! Update: 130 people turned out for a great fun night. £2500 was raised plus £600 at the bar

Total Raised: £2,500

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Court Farm Chase: Hamish, Usain Roach, Land Roacher, John Lennon, Fast and Furious, Rambo, Ronaldoach, Trigger
Race No.2 - The Chill Out St Ledger: Peter Croach, Calm, Bob Markley, Murdoc, Piers Morgan, Unna-Rocka-Gibraltar, Lottie, King Of The Roach
Race No.3 - The Hamilton Hunter Chase: Cloth Ears, Paul McCartney, Slow Roach, Nigel, Speedy Gonzales, The Roar, Magi, La Baume
Race No.4 - The Opes Sprint: George Harrison, Blattaria, Dave, Thunder Roach, Bin There Done That, Sticky, Rory, Cocky
Race No.5 - The Stacey Steeplechase: Kid Coch(roach), Speedy Commissioner, Princess Roach, Roachy, Sam, Rock-It Man, Squelch, Hit The Roach Jack
Race No.6 - The Steakhouse Stakes: Skid Marc, Cucaracha, Roachford, Speedy Sparky, Leigh, On A Roach 2 Nowhere, Trevor, Morag
Race No.7 - The Wildwood Derby: Ringo Starr, Beetlejuiced, Slow Roach, Vera, Mo Faroach, Dean, Dynamo Di, Kiora
Race No.8 - The Gamecock Handicap: Diamond Broach, Run London!!!, Frankl The Roach, Mortified, Pyewchacett, Will Roach, Mibrests, Ken Roach
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Court Farm Garden Centre: Myke Bettel, Olivia Angus, Shirley & Dean, Phil McCarthy, Francesca Pryke, Charlotte White, Oliver Webber, Terry Draper
Race No.2 - Chill Out Of School: Paul Angus, Cherise Patrick, Mark Gray, Tom Nash, Peter Townsend, Lucy Boothroyde, Alex Dixon, Nicola Stubbs
Race No.3 - Hamilton Windows: Malcolm Hunt, Millie Taylor, Kevin Webber, Elise Nash, Curtis Pryke, Rory De Domenico, Keeley Boyd, Amelia Patrick
Race No.4 - Opes Financial Partners: Mack McCarthy, Charlotte Angus, Paul Gray, Colin Stubbs, Zac Boothroyde, Chloe Draper, Rory Boyd, Fiona Nash
Race No.5 - Mark Stacey Building: Louis Patrick, Alan Mobbs, Sophie and Rachel, Olivia Angus, Steve Morton, Neil Pryke, Hazel Draper, Adam Stubbs
Race No.6 - Paul Angus Electrical: Marc Patrick, Charlotte Angus, Emma Stacey, Marcus Pryke, Leigh Boyd, Finlay Stubbs, Adam White, Margaret Craig
Race No.7 - Wildwood Construction: Sarah Taylor, Liam Boothroyde, Lauren and Ryan, Shirley Hunt, Sarah Webber, Steve Morton, Diane Pryke, Ciara Boyd
Race No.8 - The Gamecock : Paul Angus, Paul Boyd, Darren Sewell, Tony Morton, Steve Wood, Mark Hannam, Whoosh, Jim Wenlock
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