Charity Fundraising Aberdeenshire

Event Date: 6 April

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Station Hotel Stonehaven, Stonehaven, Aberden, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Amy's trip for SLV Global

Notes: Slip along and enjoy the fundeo snail racing evening raising fun for this global challenge adventure. UPDATE: 80 people turned out for an excellent night all round with £1505 raised for Amy's trip. Well done to profesional snail racer Clive H!

Testimonial: " Brilliant nights' entertainment. I have done Fundeo snail race nights over the years and they are so much better than horse racing as results go the the wire." Clive H.

Total Raised: £1,505

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. The Lock Inn: Edcelsior, Caz, Lezcargo, Lightning McQueen, Shelldon, Charlie, Jaz, The General
Race No.2 - Nails not Snails: Tony Soprano, Juicy Lucy, Slug & Home, Snailor Swift, Shelldon, Puz, EscarGo, Fergus
Race No.3 - Mobile Home but Different: Agooo, Anna, Hugh Jarse, Cecil, Shelldon, Wardsy, Salt & Fizz, Slugger the Snail
Race No.4 - Don't "Just Eat". Enjoy: Louise, Shelly, Teddy, Jamesy, Shelldon, Doddit Smirnoff, Snaily McSnail Face, Alfie
Race No.5 - 6 degrees of Separation: Potter, Sid Snot Snail, Flat 76, Gary, Shelldon, Maltese Dream, Speedy Gonzalez, Hoddit a Minute
Race No.6 - Just Add Garlic: Fred, Marigold, Pete, Ozil, Shelldon, Fifi, CR7, Hedgey
Race No.7 - Escargot Frites: Ginger Ninja, Caracol, Ivor Biggun, Avoid Blue Pellets, Shelldon, Hearts with Bungle, Brian, Durrant Divided
Race No.8 - Ride of Your Life: Loch Snail Monster, Sprog, Fernando Alonslow, Twinkle, Shelldon, Slow To Finnish, Caracol, Hunman
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Station Hotel: Callum Stewart, Fiona Irvine, Marietta MacLeod, Sandra Ogilvie, David Hinchcliffe, Carol Hinchcliffe, Fiona Irvine, Fraser Emslie
Race No.2 - Beauty 4 U: Sandra Ogilvie, Carol Hinchcliffe, Marietta MacLeod, Carrie Irvine, David Hinchcliffe, Kayleigh Sherwood, Mollie McVey, Angie Nicol
Race No.3 - My Beautiful Caravan: Darcy Adams, Jennifer Findlay, Angus McIntyre, Moira Prentice, David Hinchcliffe, Lynda Wards, Marietta MacLeod, Tracy Miller
Race No.4 - Graingers Deli: Callum Stewart, Anna MacLeod, Ashling Fay, Carol Hinchcliffe, David Hinchcliffe, David Tait, Jodie Adams, Angie Nicol
Race No.5 - 6 Degrees North: Callum Stewart, Sandra Ogilvie, Emma Meeham, Chris Rakowski, David Hinchcliffe, Cameron Davidson, Stephanie Geddes, David Tait
Race No.6 - McHardy's the Butcher: Charlie Malcom, Moira Prentice, Fiona Irvine, Stuart Adams, David Hinchcliffe, Fiona Irvine, Owen Davidson, Carol Hinchcliffe
Race No.7 - The Bay Fish & Chips: Valerie Hinchcliffe, Ellen Hay, Angus McIntyre, Marietta MacLeod, David Hinchcliffe, Lewie Sawyer, Lynda Wards, Mason Jenkins
Race No.8 - Stonehaven Sea Safari: Vera, Ian Hinchcliffe, Susan McWilliam, Lynda Wards, David Hinchcliffe, Hanna Ronkko, Ellen Hay, Andrew MacArthur
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