Community Fundraising Angus

Event Date: 13 April

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: Marykirk village hall, Marykirk, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Marykirk Raft Race

Notes: 8 fundeo races with snails raising money got the Marykirk annual raft race. Slip along and enjoy molluscan mayhem. UPDATE: a great fundraising event enjoyed by all fundraisers present with £700 raised

Total Raised: £700

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Harrison’s Race: Pesky Blunder, Usain Belter, Flash Gordon, Speedy Gonzales, Escargooo, Laughing Brexiteer, Potty Harry, Fool Monty
Race No.2 - 2.Johnnys Jaunt: Hotdog, Turbo, Cyril, Freddie Mercury, Mutley, Boris, Twin Turbo, John Walker
Race No.3 - 3.Mollusc Cup: Mike Rotik, Mollusc Kintyre, Gerold, Zoomy Mczoomshell, Salty, Claude, Hercules, Gary
Race No.4 - 4. Persons of Scrap: Wee Willy Woody, Hugo Woody, Slipper Cammy, Bailey Guinness , Brian, Wee Malky, Wee Blackie, Coco Pops
Race No.5 - 5 Teds Speedy snail trail : Gail Snail, Willie snail, Snakily McSnailface, Slinky Snail, Loose Cannon, Collective, Wee McSnail, Rockin Robin
Race No.6 - 6 DC Style: Betty Boo, Fergus, Tiger Feet, Jupiter, Brian, Speedy Gonzales, Sneaky Sid, Slime Ball
Race No.7 - 7. Chairman’s Chase: Shell ey , Hard Case, Slime Ball, Garlic Toast, Feisty Fancy, One for the Road , Easy Rider, Slinky Slither
Race No.8 - 8. The Diack Derby: Gavroche, Liam, Snarky, Gary, Sid, Comet, Roadrunner, Argosnot
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Walker Family: Rena, Kirsty, Cameron, Rebecca, Chris, Graeme, Cameron, Rebecca
Race No.2 - John Walker: Lily, Louis, Shiela, Dee, Danilo, Colin, Ema, Angie
Race No.3 - Marykirk .com: Ashley, Bill, Sarah, Steve, Claire, Liam, Sammy, John
Race No.4 - Jill , Eric and Malcom: Jane, Dougie, Jackie and Brian, Steve C, Eric W, Malcom V, Gail B, Lisa
Race No.5 - Ted Thow: Gail D, Willie D, Lilliann , Yvonne, Kate, Westpark party , Kate , Robin
Race No.6 - DC Style: Donna, Grace, Catherine, Sheila, Billy, Austen, Elaine, Micheal
Race No.7 - Matthew MacKenzie: Ross , Steven, Norman, Ramsay, Ryan, Matthew, Gordon, Deborah
Race No.8 - The Diack Family : Paul, Sheila, Scott, Nathan, Gary, Kim, Gillian, Jane
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