Community Fundraising Forfar

Event Date: 27 September

Event Type: Fundeo Snail Racing

Venue: The Three Barrels, Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Bumper raffle day

Notes: Enjoy a night at the races fundeo style with 6 wacky races of molluscan mayhem supervises by our virtual compere Peedy the parrot. who will be introducing each competitor and running the show. UPDATE: 45 people attended and had a fantastic time raising £414 funds in the process.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - 1. Oliver Clothesoff Chase: Fatboy Slime, Norfolk n Chance, Yabba Dabba Doo, One That Got Away, Sticky Willie, Always Cums First, Forfar Favourite, Ninja Snail
Race No.2 - 2. The Social Slide: Stobbie, Teeny Weeny, Ben Dover, Speedy Gonzales, Hopeful Horace, Wild Willie, Ishell Walkit, Hugh Jarse
Race No.3 - 3. The Road Runners: Tess Tickles, Pussy Galores, Red Lichtie, Escargot, Betty Swallocks, Kicky Crotch Rocket, Ivana Tinkle, Dick Tickler
Race No.4 - 4. Oil Beef Hooked: Arfur Fooksake, Schnell The Snail, Fanny Baws, Spud U Like, Smokie Joe, Luscious Lor, Anils, Booze Unicorn
Race No.5 - 5. The Pissed Aff Snails: Gale the Snail, Sticky Vicky, Slippery Slope, Uslime Bolt, Hairy F*nny B*llocks, Slippery Lil F*cker, Friggin Tosser, Ian Beale
Race No.6 - 6. The Final Slowdown: Usnail Bolt, D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F, Sir Slo Farah, Snailey Thompson, Nigel Mansnail, Esscar Goo, Snaily McSnailface, Snail Armstrong
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