Snail Race Night Berkshire

Event Date: 26 April

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: East Garston Village Hall, Hungerford, United Kingdom

In Aid of: East Garston Over 60's

Notes: Come along to this event for the East Garston over 60's with Peedy the parrot running the show and introducing all of the snails.Enjoy the molluscan mayhem fundeo style! UPDATE: Everyone loved the racing and there were 30 people there.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The House Name Handicap: Jimmies Jogger, The Mask Muncher, Slime Tree Cottage, Ride A White House, Whye Not?, The Old Mail Horse, Lone Barn Ranger, Baggers Belief
Race No.2 - The Regular Fillies Maiden: Leading Lesley, Oooh Betty!, Jeanne Genie, Karen Surance, Jan Sandwich, Dehli Shelley, Dawn Mower, Forbidden Janet
Race No.3 - The Committee & Partners Cup: Dynamite Dave, Ambling Alan, Jackie The Jumper, Bolting Bonnie, Rogues Valerie, Man From Del Monty, Like A Colin Stone, Bar Barbara Ann
Race No.4 - The Regular Colt’s Chase: Galvin’s Galloper, Ace Or Duce?, Bob’s The Job, Divine Dermot, Terry’s Tiddler, Keith’s Kanterer, I’m Ian A Murray, Fit As Trevor’s Dog
Race No.5 - The Aged ‘Andicap: Snail And Pace, Snail Blazer, Less Cargo, Fat Boy Slime, Outer Michelle, Snail Meat Again, Ed Start, Shellgar
Race No.6 - The Old Boy’s Bumper: Slug It Out, Snailed It, Snail Varnish, How Slime Flies, The Swingin’ Sixties, Meeting House Mare, Sluggle Up, Once Upon A Slime
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