Club Fundraising Cambs - part 2

Event Date: 13 May

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Court Pool and Snooker Club, Peterborough, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Club Funds

Notes: Get along to this Fundeo night of snail racing with 16 bonkers races, lots of fun, prizes, laughter and good banter guaranteed. Our virtual compere will be running the show and introducing all the competitors, their sponsors and races so get along and enjoy molluscan mayhem at its finest- fundeo style! UPDATE 60 turned out for this event which raised £1500 for a superb cause- and another £1600 at the bar making it a 'big success'. Well done.

Testimonial: "Great event. we raised £1500 for a superb cause. Both adults and especially children really enjoyed it. Thank you. Highly recommended." Ivan K.

Total Raised: £1,500

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - The Escagot Legends Handicap: Mr Boombastic, Pussy Galore, QPR Boy, Slow Starter, Speedy, Snail Mail, Frankel the Second, Blue Power Ranger
Race No.2 - Welsh National: Scargone the Snail, Twice Turbo, Bernard, Dai Back Snail, Kueto, Kian, The Snail, Ard Echos
Race No.3 - Lush Lash Divas Dash: Flobbalob, Patsy, Turbo the Third, Eddie, Get ya Shoes On, Twinkle Toes, Paddy, Yellow Shimmer
Race No.4 - Smithy Snail Power : Bourbon, Half Pint, Corona King, Campbell, Clown, Bob, Little Dave, Lucky Chris
Race No.5 - Knight R Us: Wally Olly, Knight Foot, Princess Sparkles, Shadow Assassin, Nosaj, Zippy Long Tail, Nite Lite, Uplift Elites
Race No.6 - The Grand Smashional: Chainsaw, Mighty Muscle, Roy, Snail + Pace, Tortoise, Fidel Gastro, James May, Bolt + Lightning
Race No.7 - White Knights of the Court: Open top Snail, Ollie, Isabella, Howards Pet, Fast + Furious, Tiny Tiggs, Speedy Slow, Shelly
Race No.8 - The Auction : Tulula, Elsie, Turbo AGAIN, Bubble, Tiswas, QuitePossiblyRubbish, Rupert, Jemma
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - : Mark Killick, Dave Buckle, Darren Hope, Patrick Hensey, Kev Boon, Court Posties, Ryan Reed, Arron Clark
Race No.2 - : Dan n Jackie, Colbey n Brodiey, Gren N Silvia, Gren N Silvia, Gren N Silvia, Clive Morgan, Gren N Silvia, Gren N Silvia
Race No.3 - : Keith Tolfrey, Sarah Goodman, Craig buckley, Abbie Buckley, Keith Tolfrey, Holly Parkinson, Charlotte Capocci, Elisha Jade
Race No.4 - : Terry Smith, Nikki Deal, Jay Ellison, Donna Whitfield, Nick, R Williamson, David Stratton, T Mees
Race No.5 - : Tracey Gray, Dick Knight, Grace Knight, Ashley Knight, Jason Knight, Ivan Knight, Meta Knight, Coral Knight
Race No.6 - : Andy Walker, Lisa Reddington, Salyy + Seamus, Lisa Reddington, John Hobbs, Ivan Knight, Criag Scothern, Daphne Scothern
Race No.7 - Sarah White: Denise Defraine, Martyn Cook, Debbie Roberson, Sarah White, Karen Bxall, Dawn Burns, Peter Howard, Carol Gilbert
Race No.8 - : Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder, Highest Bidder
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