Charity Fundraising Cardiff

Event Date: 22 March

Event Type: Snail Race Night

Venue: The Discovery Inn, Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom

In Aid of: Holibobs Childrens Cancer Charity

Notes: Slip along to this fundeo snail race night event in Cardiff in the popular Discovery Inn and discover molluscan mayhem fundeo style in aid of charity fundraising and having a great time in this friendly Cardiff bar.

Snail Names / Roach Names:
Race No.1 - Poppys Poppers: Savvy Sucker, Studionesh, Bullet, Sam, Granito Grigio, Zeus, Molly, Lunar Matt
Race No.2 - Gone With The Wind: Benjie, Dark Spectre, Apoloo, Studionesh, Dewi Lep, Sid, Connor Wetbum, Chocolate Starfish
Race No.3 - Fat Bottomed Snails: Dewi Lep, Dakota, Beccy Boop, Lightning McQueen, Studionesh, Owen, Feeling Sluggish, Nancy
Race No.4 - Nick Brydon Jack Supporter: Semolina Western, Royal Grey, Plaintragic, Lily Leatherback, Red, Buzz Lightyear, Studionesh, Daffodil
Race No.5 - The Melhuish Mountain Hurdles: Pugh, Flash, Jack Kick Ass, Lightnin McSlimeface, Gonzalez, Kota Blue, Sparky, Caryl
Race No.6 - Mountain Monster Steaks: Lightnin McSlimeface, Plain Snailing, Tumbled Egyptian, Antique Buff, Ash The Dash, Daphne, Bear, Barney
Race No.7 - Cardiff Slate Supercup: Lunar Ash, Fred, Ells, Shell Out, Oscar, Bob, Hazz, Sid
Race No.8 - The Holibobs Hurdles: Mi-Shell, Snail Trail, 9 Inch Snails, Hard As Snails, Jimmy Snail, Finger Snails, Toes Snail, Snail Clippers
Grateful thanks to Event Supporters / Sponsors:
Race No.1 - Savvy Wealth Management: Martin Beazer, Nesh Pawar, Natasha Applasany, Jo Green, Cardiff Slate , Hek Jones, Jo Wilcox, Cardiff Slate
Race No.2 - Ruth Cochran: Jo Green, Cardiff Slate, Hek Jones, Nesh Pawar, Dominic Hardiman , Angela Evans-Hill, Steve Roberts, Cardiff Slate
Race No.3 - Rachel Penfold: Dominic Hardiman, Cardiff Slate, Rebecca Livock , Hek Jones, Nesh Pawar, Jo Wilcox, Nathan Rickard, Angela Evans-Hill
Race No.4 - Andrew Howells: Steve Roberts, Cardiff Slate, Gareth pugh, Ruth Cochran, Claire Powell, Nathan Rickard, Nesh Pawar, Rachel Rowlands
Race No.5 - Ceri Melhuish: Gareth Pugh, Hek Jones, Steve Roberts, Naomi Layton, Claire Powell, Cardiff Slate, Elisa Faulkner, Caryl Thomas
Race No.6 - Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar: Dan Layton, Gareth Pugh, Cardiff Slate, Cardiff Slate, Hek Jones, Caryl Thomas, Claire Powell, Linda Bogunovic
Race No.7 - Cardiff Slate & Stone: Cardiff Slate, Caryl Thomas, Ellie Gillen, Gareth Pugh, Caryl Thomas, Hek Jones, Harri Gillen, Claire Powell
Race No.8 - Holibobs Cancer Charity: , , , , , , ,
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